• Danila Kozlovsky will play in the TV series "Vikings"

    Danila Kozlovsky can be seen in the sixth season of the historical series "Vikings", created by Michael Hurst and telling about the Viking raids on Northern Europe. The actor will play the Prophetic Oleg, if you remember the story, the prince of Novgorod and Kiev. And it will not appear in the frame for a few minutes, but will play one of the key roles in the events of the series. Casting director Frank Moisell chose a Russian actor after seeing the Viking film with his participation (he was probably impressed with the budget of 1.25 billion rubles). Also in the series will appear ... a lover of historical dramas Jonathan Reese Myers, this time he got the role of the priest of Himund.

    Publication from Danilakozlovsky (@danilakozlovsky)Dec 22 2016 at 10:01 PST

    The shooting of the sixth season of the Vikings will begin in September and will be held in Ireland, where they filmed Game of Thrones. The 5th season of the Vikings will be released on small screens on a schedule - November 29.

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