Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short Hair has been a huge trend this year and it seems that women are more inclined to take that step and cut their hair. Many celebrities have taken that step to cut their hair such as Miley Cyrus, Keke Palmer, and Tyra banks just to name a few. Short hair can be very versatile, you can curl it add twists and braids as well. Many women fear going short because they feel like it may not grow back. But the truth is it will grow back!
If you take the time to properly care for your hair and learn what works and does not work for your hair then you will be able to grow your hair back whenever you desire. Another technique for growing out short is protective styling. Now that you know growing your hair back is possible are you ready to take that step? If so, take a look at our 25 cute hairstyles for short hair.

Short bowl cut

Here we have a super short bowl cut. As you can see from the artistic over the ear earring this chica was not afraid to go bold with her hair cut.

Short and curly pinned back look

This reminds us of a vintage Victorian look. The spiral curls, discreet black clip, dangle earrings, and black ensemble gives us a vintage 50’s vibe. If you’re into classic looks then this is definitely for you.

Neck length bob with highlights

Here is a simple bob with a bit of jazz. This is more of a fringe cut bob with soft brown and chestnut highlight throughout. This is perfect for the workplace but also for a night out when paired with intense makeup.

Platinum blonde cut with light waves

How gorgeous is this platinum blonde wavy cut? the dark roots and highlights makes this look super chic. This is great for women with paler skin tones and lighter colored eyes.

Short natural cut

Are you thinking about taking that natural journey? Then be brave like Solange and cut it all off. Be stylish like her too by adding a small part.

Rihanna two-tone Mohawk

We all know that Rihanna is known for her crazy and exotic short styles. We are loving this two toned hawk on her. The golden blonde against the black really makes this look pop.

Short cut with twisted bang

This is a cute slightly layered style that is perfect for any face shape. To add some detail to the look, a fishtail braid was added to the front and tucked into the back.

Slick Mohawk

Achieve this gorgeous Mohawk by simply slicking down your sides and add large flipped curls to the center of your hair. At night to preserve this style you can put sponge rollers in your hair.

Pinned back 60’s glam

Looking for a more formal look? Try this short wavy look. This is great if your hair is already styled into a bob. This will glam up your everyday look.

French roll

What better way to pair red lipstick than with a classic french roll hairstyle? Believe it or not, if you throw this style and makeup look on with a pair of ripped jeans and a loose white top you can turn this look into rock-glam.

Platinum blonde spikes

Miley Cyrus is looking stunning in this blonde cut with tapered sides. The middle is volumized which gives it and rocker vibe. We totally think her short do’s suit her the best.

Curly Q

Transform your natural hair without the damage. Try this beautiful roller set to get a bouncy curly fro. You can style this many ways such as a Mohawk, curly puff, or double curly bun.

Short bowl cut with bangs

Here is Rihanna rocking this chin length bowl cut with a Chinese bang. This is a great everyday style, especially for the working woman.

Honey brown tapered cut

The internet was shocked when Keke Palmer chopped off her gorgeous locs. We love this golden honey color against her brown skin. This style definitely makes her look more mature.

Finger waves

We are so loving these finger waves that Halle Berry is wearing. These have really come back in style. Style these with deep tone lipsticks and chunky gold jewelry.

Layered full cut

Looking for a modern bob? Try out this layered bob. This is perfect for any face shape because you are able to cut and curl into your desired shaped.

Ombre side-swept cut

Go for a toned down Ombre look. Earth tone ombre looks are perfectly for those to who want to experiment with color without being too drastic. This short and curly style sophisticated yet fashionable.

Michelle Obama curly cut


First Lady Michelle Obama is looking spectacular as usual in this short and curly do. When it comes to style and class our first lady is at the top of our list. I mean who can help run the country and be as fashionable as her?

Stacked bob cut

Bobs are always in. Give this stacked bob a try if you’re a girl that likes layers. Stacked bobs make your hair appear fuller and really help to bring out your best features.

Short jumbo box braids

Box braids have been the go-to style for many women. We love how simple they are to style and they’re a great protective style. Try these out for the winter to protect your hair against the harsh winter winds.

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Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair
Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair images

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2019 year - Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair pictures

Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair forecasting
Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair recommendations photo

Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair pics
Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair pictures

Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair new pics
Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair new pictures

pics Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair
pictures Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair

Watch Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair video
Watch Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair video

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