• Crochet beach dress

    Crochet beach dress. Knit crochet stunning white dress for going to the beach and not only. In this dress, you definitely will not be left without attention.

    Materials and tools:

    1. yarn (100% mercerized cotton) 300 grams of white color;
    2. satin ribbon;
    3. hook number 3.


    1. rev. - air loop;
    2. comp. Art. - connecting bar;
    3. Art. b / n - column without nakida;
    4. Art. s / n - double crochet;
    5. C s / 3n - column with three naquids.

    Pattern Description


    Knitting description


    The main pattern: type a chain of 4 air. p., we connect article

    1 row: 1 air. lifting point, 6 tbsp. b / n connect the coad. v.;

    2nd row: 1 air. rise in every second st. b / n the previous series knit 2 tbsp. b / n, connect Comp. v.;

    3 row: 1 rev. to rise in every art. b / n previous row knit art. b / n, in each double st. b / n the previous series knit 2 tbsp. b / n, connect Comp. Art. *, repeat from * - * 11 rows;

    12 row: 3 air. ascent, 2 tbsp. s / n, 2 air. Clause 2 Art. s / n in art. b / n previous row.

    It turns out the outlet. With these sockets we knit 2 rows in a circle. Then we knit 2 more rows with sockets, but to the right side of the part. The result is a triangle.

    We knit the second part symmetrically.

    We knit 4 straps from the air. p., bound by art. w / n with pico. We connect and tie triangles according to scheme 1.


    Recruit a chain of 46 sur. p. We knit according to scheme 2 from 1 to 19 rows *, from 19 to 29 a row repeat the first 10 rows.


    Making a pattern in full size. We knit the main pattern of 11 rows, after 6 rows we add 2 rows from each row. s / 3n (half "scales").


    We connect the details, we tie the main pattern with picot elements. We tie the skirt hem with arches:

    1 row: we collect 9 air. n. + 1 st staircase, st. b / n in the 3rd century. previous series *;

    2 row: 12 tbsp. s / n in each arch, art. b / n in art. b / n previous row.

    We thread through the arches a satin ribbon 1.3 m long, we tie a bow.

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