• Crafts for the day of cosmonautics in kindergarten

    How to make crafts on the day of astronautics in kindergarten? Consider what planets there are in the solar system! Let's create an amazing rocket, brave astronauts and funny aliens!

    Children enjoy listening to stories about events that occurred on this day many years ago, and are easily included in the process of preparing for the holiday. Given that he is not recognized as a day off, more often children are getting acquainted with this holiday in the kindergarten.

    Crafts for cosmonautics day in kindergarten

    Crafts for the day of cosmonautics in kindergarten

    Crafts for Cosmonautics Day in kindergarten may be of a very different nature, depicting both real attributes of space and fantastic images. When thinking about space, children often give freedom to their imagination, as in any case when it comes to objects that go beyond the reality that surrounds them.

    Doing a card for a day of astronautics with their own hands

    The card is universalgift for any holiday, including the Day of Astronautics. Volumetric postcards with steps on the fold look very impressive. This effect is achieved very simply - two notches are made at a small distance from the postcard fold.

     Make two cuts

    Make two cuts

    Bend postcard in such a way that in the places of the incision the ledge is bent in the other direction.

     We bend the postcard and the protrusion

    We bend the postcard and the protrusion

    We glue a rocket from paper.

     We glue the rocket

    Gluing the rocket

    We decorate the bottom and back of the postcard with the sun, moon and stars. Card for the Day of Astronautics - ready!

     Space card for the day of Astronautics

    Volume card for the Day of Astronautics

    No need to prevent this , because, fantasizing, the child tries to create his own idea of ​​the distant and unexplored.However, we still need to strive to expand the boundaries of his knowledge.

    First of all, you need to tell why Cosmonautics Day is so important: a person has long tried to find out what is outside the clouds. He saw the light of the stars and the moon, but could not rise high enough. Until the rocket was invented.

    Crafting a rocket from a salt dough on a cosmonaut day

    You can create an image of a rocket in a variety of ways. A charming rocket with stars for Cosmonautics Day can be molded out of salt dough. We dry the craft in the oven or on the battery (at least 12 hours).

     Salt dough rocket

    Salt dough rocket

    We color the dried crafts with bright colors.

     We paint the craft

    We paint the craft

    Take a sheet of paper or cardboard and paint it richly -purple. When the paint is dry we make white splashes on a sheet of paper. We get a beautiful starry sky.

    Draw a starry sky on a purple background

    Draw a starry sky on a purple background

    Paint the rocket and glue it to a solid base.

     Rocket of salt dough for the Day of Astronautics

    Rocket from salt dough for the Day of Cosmonautics

    In order for Cosmonautics Day in kindergarten to be remembered by all the kids, it is necessary to create an appropriate atmosphere. And the crafts made by children's pens will cope with this task in the best possible way.

    A picture made of plasticine for Cosmonautics Day at a kindergarten

    You can make a real picture for Cosmonautics Day from a picture of plasticine. We spread dark purple plasticine on the surface of the sheet.

     We smear plasticine

    We smear plasticine

    We decorate it with blue" cosmic vortexes " and yellow stars.























    Application "alien life"

    And as the basis of the picture you can use not only a sheet of paper, but also a one-time plate wrapped around the edges foil.

     An odd job for a day of astronautics from a disposable plate

    An odd job for a day of astronautics from a disposable plate

    Children will be delighted with the homemade flying saucer.

     Flying Saucer for Astronautics Day

    Flying Saucer for Cosmonautics Day

    Crafts for Cosmonautics Day at Kindergarten on video:

    Take a look at the video, what a wonderful crafts you can do on Cosmonautics Day:

    From each group of handicrafts we form a thematic exhibition, and on a festive day every child will be able to tell what exactly he remembered about the events that occurred many years ago.

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