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    Tell me where in Moscow you can improve the qualification of an employee. The fact is that I recently went to work after the decree, and I realized that I had forgotten almost everything, I had lost my knack. It is necessary to urgently tighten the knowledge while at work is not noticed.
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    Answered 29 March 21:38
    Do not worry you so, you are not the first. I, too, when I came out after a long break from work, thought that I had forgotten how to work. But in less than a month everything was remembered.
    Answered 29 March 21:44
    Look at the universities of Moscow, you will surely find a suitable option. Now you can even learn from the job, so to speak, so that at work they will not even know. Here, for example, it offers remote training of personnel workers.
    Answered 29 March 21:48
    I think that your colleagues will treat with understanding, and for the first time will make you a concession. You are well done, that you seek to catch up on work, I think you will get everything right.

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