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    Scenario of corporate new year 2013. New year 2013 corporate gifts photo

    Choosing the scenario of the corporate new year 2013. Givingcorporate gifts onNew Year 2013.

    Scenario of corporate new year 2013



    The New Year is the most long-awaited holiday, thanks to which a great opportunity is given to unite the team at the New Year party party. Due to the rapid development of modern business trends, a technique called team-building, which allows you to properly organize corporate leisure activities, is becoming increasingly popular.


    With the help of the corporate New Year 2013, there is a unique opportunity to improve the situation in the team and improve the psychological compatibility of employees, which is sometimes very difficult. Before proceeding directly to the event itself,it is necessary to determine the main goals and objectives, the best employees to write out a bonus, also do not forget about the rest of the team - small but nice presents, will significantly raise the New Year mood.


    During the full swing of the party, you can identify several favorites who will be the informal leaders of the whole team. The location and direction of the event will determine the number of employees, as well as the financial capacity of the company. You can hold a small corporate party directly in the office or rent a small club and give employees the opportunity to come off in full, and you can complete the holiday with the help of a chic salute.


    Prepare in advance the scenario of the corporate new year and gifts.



    In order for the most long-awaited holiday of the year to be truly unforgettable, it is necessary to begin preparation for it in advance. Most of the major firms are startingcreate a script for the New Year's corporate party. In the event that it is too late to start organizing a holiday, then you will have to make a choice not from the best offers, since most likely, the best bars and clubs will be already booked.That is why, if your company has a fairly decent staff, you should start organizing the New Year as soon as possible. The latest term of the organization is the beginning of September, since it is in autumn that the final distribution of the employment schedule of popular artists and presenters takes place, thanks to which the holiday will really become unforgettable.


    If the organization is relatively small, then it will be much easier to hold a New Year corporate party on the territory of the office; In the event that you are goingcelebrate New Year in the office, then you need to choose a responsible employee who will organize the celebration, will thoroughly consider the entire plan of the event, find a suitable holiday agency, solve all arising organizational issues and decorate the office for the New Year. And if necessary, some obligations will have to take on, as one person is unlikely to cope with such a large number of tasks, because there are still direct duties.


    Corporate gifts for the New Year 2013.



    There is one very nice New Year's tradition - the exchange of gifts, the same tradition has not bypassed corporate events. And now the management of the company should work hard, because for all employees of the company it is necessary to get not only good but also creative and functional presents, which should not offend them, but rather lift the mood for the whole year. Agree, it is nice to understand that your boss cares about you and considers you a valuable employee, therefore corporate gifts for the New Year are very important.


    Corporate gifts for the New Year 2013.

    Corporate gifts for the New Year 2013. We choose and give gifts to employees and management.


    You will not see rapturous looks from subordinates if you present as a gift a banal notebook, a ballpoint pen or simple New Year's souvenirs. Much more delight will be with your employees in the event that as a gift you organize a chic banquet and invite a famous singer or professional presenter who will definitely not bore anyone. You can be sure for one hundred percent that suchgift for New Year's corporate party, for a long time will remain in the memory of your employees and in the new year, they will work with even greater returns than before.


    How to start the first preparation for the New Year's corporate party?



    It is important to remember that the preparation of the New Year's corporate party should be approached with special attention, fully surrendered to the imagination and first you need to start with the design of the premises. As an ornament, you can use traditional garlands and tinsel, or turn your usual office into a real historical castle, or you can go to a Hollywood film studio, and the staff to change the movie suspension. Do not be afraid of the most creative and crazy offers, because this New Year and on this holiday can fulfill all the dreams, so the atmosphere should be magical.


    The scenario of the New Year's corporate party 2013 snake.



    Several creative options are presented to your attention, for a holiday, choose what you likecorporate new year 2013 scenario:


    Scenario corporate new year and gifts for the holiday.

    Scenario corporate new year and gifts for the holiday.


    81st day around the world- the room should be decorated in the form of the cabin of the aircraft and all passengers should be invited on board the aircraft only after visiting Dyufri.Send your employees on a world tour, during which they will be able to visit different exotic countries and get acquainted with various cultures;


    auto quest called "throw cobra"- in this case, it is necessary to organize real car racing, the winner in which will be able to get a prize from the management of the company. A festive procession can be turned into a winter sleigh or reindeer team. But you need to take care of a decent prize for the winner of the race;


    corporate in the country- if the financial capacity of the company allows you to pull such a corporate New Year scenario, then you can organize the departure of all employees outside the city to a tourist center or a recreation center. You can provide an excellent opportunity for the whole team to relax outside the city, ride snowmobiles, snowboards or downhill skiing, and warm up around the campfire or fireplace in the evening. But it is necessary to take into account that such an event should take the whole weekend, since one day will simply not be enough to enjoy a good rest in nature.

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