• Corn Sticks Cake

    You will need
    • - 1 pack of sweet corn sticks;
    • - 2 biscuit rolls with fruit filling;
    • - 100 g of walnuts;
    • - 1 can of boiled condensed milk;
    • - 2 milk chocolate bars;
    • - 50 g butter;
    • - 2 egg whites;
    • - 6 tbsp. l Sahara.
    Brown the walnuts lightly in a dry frying pan and crush into large pieces. Heat boiled condensed milk slightly and mix with corn sticks and nuts. If the finished "Varenka" at hand was not there, you can cook it yourself. Tin a can of condensed milk with sugar, put sideways in a saucepan and fill with cold water. Simmer for 3 hours.
    Remove the biscuit rolls from the packaging and place them on a flat, large plate next to each other so that they are square. Top with a lot of nuts and corn sticks and apply it well with your hands. Give the cake the desired shape - a circle, a rectangle or a pyramid.
    Melt chocolate in a water bath or in a microwave, add butter and pour the cake. Then, using a mixer, beat the egg yolks with sugar and garnish the dessert with them.For example, you can coat them with the sides of the cake, leaving a small “island” in the very center. Then put the treat in the fridge for a couple of hours.
    It is worth noting that such a treat turns out to be cloyingly sweet due to the fact that all its ingredients contain sugar. However, a rare sweet tooth will remain indifferent to him. Children especially love such a cake made from corn sticks.

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