• Convenient travel bag of old jeans

    A few pairs of old jeans that have gone out of fashion or exploded are almost everyone's. Instead of hoping to lose weight again or find a way to seal the gaps, dissolve your jeans and stitch out an incredibly comfortable travel bag.

    You will need:

    • A pair of unwanted jeans;
    • lining material;
    • trouser ribbon;
    • zip fastener;
    • scissors, thread, sewing machine

    It is best to take for the project jeans straight cut - from them you will get a bag of large enough size. The middle part of the bag is cut out from the back of one leg. Cut an even rectangle out of it.

    The front part of the leg is cut in half and sewn to this rectangle on the sides. Strengthen the fabric lining material.

    Pass the trouser band through the bottom of the bag and form the handles that will cover the docking of the parts of the bag.

    Fold the edges and sew a zipper of the desired length.

    Now the bag should be turned on the wrong side and fold the side pieces in the form of diamonds.Sew through the bottom on the machine, as shown in the photo. If you want the bottom of the bag to be hard, put a piece of cardboard lined with denim in the bag.

    Once again turn out the bag and, if necessary, sew the outer seams.

    With such a bag you can safely go!

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