• Convection oven: what is it?

    Natalya Kosenko
    Natalya Kosenko
    February 3, 2015
    Convection oven: what is it?

    Relatively recently, a new device appeared in our kitchens, which instantly gained popularity among housewives. Convection oven: what is it and what caused its popularity? It is an electric kitchen appliance that cooks food using controlled flows of hot air. The demand for the device due to its versatility.

    The principle of operation of convection oven

    The principle of action of aerogrill is similar to a convection oven. The air is heated by heating to the desired temperature, and the fan evenly distributes it to the bowl. The power and temperature of the air flow can be adjusted.

    Before you choose a convection oven, you need to know what to look for: the volume of the bowl, the type of control panel, power, the number of functions.

    Advantages of aerogrill

    • Saves time. The cooking process takes place without the participation of the hostess. It is enough to place the products in the bowl and set the desired mode.
    • Prepares healthy food.The method of heat treatment allows you to save a maximum of nutrients and vitamins, and the ability to prepare food without fat - to get a dietary product. The convection oven does not radiate high-frequency waves, as the microwave oven.
    • Replaces a number of household appliances: microwave, toaster, oven, yogurtnitsa, steamer.

    What can be cooked in aerogrill

    Practically all products that need heat treatment can be cooked in aerogrill.

    1. Meat (baked ham, chops, cutlets, including steam, roast in pots, shish kebab).
    2. Fish (fish steaks, cutlets, baked in foil).
    3. Vegetables (stewed, grilled, steamed).
    4. Potatoes (french fries, baked in foil, steamed).
    5. Pilaf, porridge.
    6. Products from dough, casseroles.
    7. Fruits (dried fruits, jam).

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