• Constant thoughts about appearance and weight, fear of being told that it is thick (

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    Answered 23 march 2015 01:32
    Nastya, you have a standard inferiority complex. Many people suffer from it at different ages. Find out what the normal weight for your age and physique, suddenly you exaggerate? If a lot, then you need to develop a nutrition system for losing weight, without giving up everything you need, you're a girl, you're still growing! It is better to discuss this question with mom, if she understands this question, or with a nutritionist. Then add a workout, better in the gym. So lose weight. Take care of your skin and hair - learn how to properly care for them according to their type. Make a beautiful haircut. People, especially rivals, are generally inclined to look for flaws in other girls. There are no ideal people, almost always someone is dissatisfied with something in their appearance. And that's fine. Improve your appearance as much as possible.

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