• Congratulations on September 1 school students from teachers, parents, grandmothers and grandfathers. Poems, prose, funny pictures and short SMS to the Day of Knowledge-2016

    They say that only the school of life gives a person real experience and depth of understanding of the world. This, of course, is true, but everyone begins to draw on his main knowledge precisely in the lessons of the secondary school. The first-grader, the first year of study and the graduate of the preparatory group of the kindergarten are two different people. Despite the slight difference in age, a schoolboy of 6-7 years already knows how the world around us works, can fluently read and write prose. Primary school students already memorize verses in several stanzas faster, whereas preschool children can memorize only short quatrains.Every future first-grader knows that at school not only strict teachers and knowledge, but also new friends, curious girls and boys are waiting for him. Parents and grandparents of future first-graders should try to prepare congratulations to students on September 1 in the summer. It can be not only material gifts and “correct” satchels, but also kind words from the heart, hand-drawn or printed funny pictures, verses with instructions and spiritual words. Older students can be encouraged by setting them up for the new school year with a funny SMS or a card with a poem. Here you will find excellent examples of poems and prose on the topic "September 1." We are sure that this will shorten the time for you to find the right greetings on Knowledge Day 2016.

    Congratulations on September 1 to students

    Festive congratulations to school pupils from September 1. Poems and prose about the Day of Knowledge-2016

    Knowing that the Day of Knowledge is about to come, check yourself - have you prepared congratulations for your student on September 1? If not yet, never mind. Choose any of the suggested poems about school and education, read the words of parting words in prose.Perhaps our examples will inspire you to write your own quatrains in honor of the beginning of the new school year. No need to invent long poems. Children, especially primary school students, cannot yet concentrate on big works. Small greetings in three or four lines and one or two stanzas of verses will be quite enough for them. Your parting words and sincere wishes of success and victories will set up children for the upcoming educational process.

    Knowledge Day - the beginning of the school year!
    And it doesn't even matter what the weather is,
    Today - bouquets and joyful holiday!
    Ended summer in the vacations of idle.
    Grasp the mind and sit at the desk.
    With the beginning of school, with the school you start!
    I wish high marks guys
    Though you go to the first class, at least - in the ninth!
    I wish that the year flew by unnoticed.
    And to celebrate the summer with distinction!

    Knowledge Day - a symbol of purity, kindness, the beginning of the school year! This is a great reason to collect your thoughts and plunge into the bottomless ocean of science. Let the new academic year be happy and productive for both students and teachers. New discoveries and impressions to you in this new educational year!

    Study, study, study again
    Not late, not too early always and everywhere.
    And for the knowledge of all new to strive,
    After all, in knowledge - power, as in a bright star!

    And the book will let you be the best friend,
    You are aiming for the new without any complaints.
    Let the head spin from successes
    The Day of Knowledge! And now touch the secret.

    There is nothing in the world more beautiful than learning new things, learning, reading and memorizing wise lines for life! I congratulate you on the Day of Knowledge, on the Day of Wisdom and Diligence! Let in your life there will be an opportunity to study and acquire knowledge not only in school years, but also in the future, during all life! Knowledge makes a person stronger, wiser, kinder, help discover new truths, make scientific discoveries and learn the secrets of nature. May your mind never give up new knowledge, but always strive for knowledge and wisdom!

    Sincere congratulations on September 1 from the teacher to his students. Poems for the school line

    Congratulations on September 1 to students

    Every teacher, especially a teacher in an elementary school, always starts preparing for the Day of Knowledge and the new school year in advance. Already since mid-August, many teachers are returning to school. They check if the class is prepared for classes, if there are enough textbooks for children, if the classroom is comfortable enough.During this time, they can have time to prepare for the students and good congratulations on the upcoming holiday on September 1. Our selection of poems offers you to choose stanzas for the school line and for the classroom hour, the Lesson of the World. Of course, we give examples of poems - use them or find something your own - your choice.

    To know, to remember everything in the world,
    Think about everything and everything to understand
    For everything in the world to be responsible -
    Knowledge Day is celebrating again!
    Once the holiday is - it means you need
    And there would be a reason in September ...
    Here the yellow leaf will spin again
    Autumn day on the calendar.
    When you need and the mind and knowledge
    ... and this means that the soul is alive ...
    The world will be born, through the trials
    Persistently to the wisdom of a hurry!


    We congratulate you on the holiday of knowledge
    On the first autumn day!
    And let the desire of new knowledge
    Do not turn the light in the ember.
    To the new need to reach hard
    And comprehend a lot of different sciences
    “Knowledge Day” is important for all of us.
    It is not an empty and meaningless sound.
    Schoolchildren, and of course students,
    And teachers throughout our country
    Professors, candidates, students
    General attention surrounded.
    On a holiday, with a meaning so clear and necessary
    First of all, we want crazy-
    Let it be clear, cold and light
    Carrying a storm in this life

    Here again, autumn has come -
    Knowledge undoubtedly it is time.
    We want autumn to inspire
    You learn from night to morning.

    Successfully get knowledge.
    That studied, without interference
    In life, do not forget to use,
    And then you will be waiting for success!

    Parting words and congratulations to students on September 1 from their parents. Poems for children to the Day of Knowledge-2016

    Congratulations on September 1 to students

    Summer ends quickly, and not all guys are happy about it. Someone really wants the holidays to last forever, but this, unfortunately for lovers of eternal rest, is impossible. On September 1, it is time to work, hard work and effort. Parents can help children tune into the working mood. Our poems and parting words for the Day of Knowledge on September 1 will help them to do it. Record and memorize poems for schoolchildren returning to school after a break. Read them to children both at home and on a formal lineup at school. You will see that your students will immediately become more serious and understand that it’s time to learn again!

    Under the foot sheet crunches,
    My heart is agitated!
    In the very first class in life!
    Like a dream!

    Bows, photos and flowers,
    This day is magic!
    Congratulations, daughter, you!
    With the first day of training!


    My favorite nephew,
    Well, how can you not admire!
    Pretty first-grader,
    You can not but admire!

    Be clever and not shy,
    Let the school give a lot of happiness!
    And wonderful friends,
    And endless participation!


    Here again, autumn has come -
    Knowledge undoubtedly it is time.
    We want autumn to inspire
    You learn from night to morning.

    Successfully get knowledge.
    That studied, without interference
    In life, do not forget to use,
    And then you will be waiting for success!

    Cool greeting pictures from September 1 for students. Postcards with humorous poems about school

    Congratulating students from September 1 is possible and fun - give them postcards with funny pictures and humorous poems about the school. You can approach the process creatively, and draw a postcard yourself. Poems can also be composed or use the examples offered by us. A double postcard will look original, where each family member will write his wishes and kind words for his native student.



    Summer is over,
    From the calendar to us
    September looks like a colored sheet
    And tomorrow - in the first class!

    Goodbye, favorite kindergarten,
    In the hallway waiting for a briefcase
    New shoes stand,
    Nosy look at the door.

    On the hanger the jacket is hanging,
    As an important lord,
    He will wear a student -
    My matured son!

    He is still fast asleep,
    But from the early morning,
    When the alarm goes off,
    It will catch, swallow,
    Training time!

    Short congratulatory SMS from September 1 to students. Small quatrains about the Day of Knowledge 2016

    Congratulations on September 1 to students

    Today, almost every schoolchild, even a grade 1 student, knows how to use a mobile phone. Not all schools have “cell phones” allowed, but outside the school, children enjoy playing on the phone, chatting on social networks, listening to music. Of course, they will surely read the short phone message you sent with congratulations on September 1st. You can find text for SMS with us or come up with a small message yourself.

    Today, the day of knowledge,
    Wish you
    Execution wish

    Successes in studies
    And new friends,
    Let your life be
    More fun!


    It’s not easy being a student
    All people know this:
    Cribs reach out secretly,
    Not yet noticed

    And to school every day to rush
    On a cold early morning
    I wish you success
    And joyful on the day of knowledge!


    On the first day of autumn
    You are science captive, -
    Knows your whole class.

    We continue to wish
    You go ahead
    We know for sure -
    Good luck awaits you!

    Kind congratulations on September 1 for the girl and boy first-graders. Poems about the school and the Day of Knowledge

    When preparing a satchel or collecting a briefcase for your first grader's schoolwork, do not forget to think of what words you will congratulate him on September 1. Let it be poems or good lines about school or a postcard signed by you for the Day of Knowledge. Look what we suggested you choose here or find good words yourself.

    First grader, congratulations,
    I want to say now:
    Great luck, for training,
    So that he could succeed in everything!


    In the yellow leaves, all the trees,
    But about the kindergarten, forget,
    There will be school moments,
    In the first class, everyone is waiting for you!


    For the first time the bell rings for you,

    It calls and beckons on the way new!

    Your first lesson will begin now.

    And the first date with the school!

    We want to wish you today

    Always to the heights of knowledge to strive

    And in life, never give up,

    And just happy to learn!


    First-grader, first grader,

    You have a holiday today.

    He is serious and cheerful -

    First meeting with the school.

    Yesterday was still just a child

    Nothing can be done here.

    They called you a preschool

    And now the first-grader name is.

    Everything is in perfect order,

    And the question did not arise,

    There is no slumber in the notebook.

    Clean as the blue sky, diary.

    Let care be on your shoulders

    But do you despond of them.

    Monday to Saturday

    You will gain knowledge.


    Homemade greetings from September 1 to a first grader from parents, grandmother and grandfather. Sincere words with love for the child

    Congratulations on September 1 to students

    Sending a first grader to school, parents and grandparents can not always go to the lineup on September 1 all together. Some of them stay at home, but he can also join the general holiday greetings. Before the release of the first grader, read him poems prepared for the Day of Knowledge, do not forget to kiss your student and cheer him with a kind word.

    In the first class go, my friend?

    Show me your backpack?

    Here a pencil case, a pencil case, a notebook,

    Well done, learn to five!

    Well, in order to learn five,

    My friend, we must not be lazy.

    It is necessary in the morning and at lunch,

    Letters repeat!

    Open notebook

    And in her,

    Write in words!

    You will have grades

    The most decent

    Bunnies and suns,

    Agree, that's fine, is not it?

    Do not be lazy to read, write,

    And take home lessons,

    Not a homework,

    And above the plan to perform!

    To be proud of your mother,

    Grandma was proud

    To your father, at work,

    Boasted to all friends

    Like, my son is smarter than everyone,

    Knows letters, numbers!

    Count to a hundred? Easily!

    Just do not be lazy you.

    Well, give a friend, let's start,

    Account to lead on your fingers,

    There are five of them on hand,

    And there are only twenty!

    To count to one hundred,

    It takes ten fingers,

    Recount ten times

    Don't be lazy, my boy.

    Alphabet teach soon

    You will know the letters,

    You will read to yourself,

    Fairy tales, jokes.

    Well, that's probably all

    What I wanted to tell you,

    Congratulations, student!

    And do not forget the notebook!


    Today will be the first time
    When you go, in the first class,
    And let that bell ring,
    At your most awaited lesson!

    In the yellow leaves, all the trees,
    But about the kindergarten, forget,
    There will be school moments,
    In the first class, everyone is waiting for you!


    Today is a very important day!

    You're in school uniform today and you are not too lazy to get up!

    On the school line you are inviting us,

    After all, today you go to school, to first class!

    Celebrate let them like it, friends will appear,

    May your studies succeed!

    We wish that at school you do not miss a day,

    The teacher is the first to be the best!

    We carry you to the first class, good luck,

    You are talented with us, we know that for sure!

    Knowing the approaching closer and closer to the Day of Knowledge, prepare congratulations on September 1 for the students in advance. Let it be poems or parting words, advice given in prose. The main thing is that all wishes should come from a pure heart and be sincere. Grandmothers and grandfathers can be engaged not only in the preparation of a “sweet” table, but also in encouraging newly-made schoolchildren, their first-graders, with good rhymes. Parents of older girls and boys, having forgotten to wish good luck and success in their studies to children before the start of the school year, can send them short text messages. Everyone will love postcards with funny pictures and rhymes about school. The main thing is that each of their congratulations should carry love and warmth. Teachers, preparing for the school line, can choose not only prose for the solemn introductory part, but also read good wishes for the children from themselves, come up with poetry for schoolchildren, adjust them to the learning process.

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