• Compression stockings: products for beauty and health of the feet

    In each person’s life, there comes a moment when he realizes that health is the most important wealth. It should be protected from a young age. General health depends to a large extent on proper blood circulation, vessels and veins. In this regard, some people are recommended to wear compression stockings. They are very useful because they warm the soft tissues of the lower extremities and thus contribute to improving blood circulation throughout the body.

    The purpose of compression knitwear is that it exerts a certain pressure on the veins. The legs are most strongly compressed, the knee is affected with less force, the lower compression is on the hips. The impact of the product can be compared with the framework supporting the veins and preventing their stretching.

    When should I wear compression underwear?

    Indications for wearing compression stockings may be different. Sometimes a doctor gives specific advice. The general recommendations are as follows:

    • Venous insufficiency.
    • The postoperative period, as well as before some operations in people suffering from varicose veins.
    • Late pregnancy (as directed by the gynecologist).

    Long flights, when you have to spend a lot of time in a sitting position.

    It’s best to decide whether to wear compression stockings with your doctor. He will tell you exactly which products will be needed, how long you can use them.

    Types of compression stockings: therapeutic and prophylactic

    As the name implies, medical compression stockings are necessary if there are medical indications. Prophylactic designed for any person who wants to maintain good health. They are useful for those who suffer from sedentary, inactive work. Also indispensable for people whose professions are associated with heavy loads on their feet - sellers, teachers, hairdressers, conductors, etc.

    When buying compression stockings, do not be afraid that they are quite dense. Thanks to the porous knitting, they allow the skin of the feet to breathe even in the summer heat.The hollow structure of the raw material provides air access and optimal skin water balance.

    The cost of compression hosiery depends on several factors: whether it is medical or prophylactic, size, thickness, manufacturer, etc. Our online store offers a wide selection of products. You can explore the directory and choose what suits you best.

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