• Came out the trailer for the comedy "Start over" with Jennifer Lopez

    The last time we saw Jennifer Lopez on the big screens in 2015: in the thriller “The Fan” she played a divorced high school literature teacher who becomes obsessed with a student in love. Both critics and viewers took the film rather coldly, so Jen decided to return to the genre that she succeeds best in: the romky. In the picture of Peter Seagal Lopez got the role of a 40-year-old saleswoman Maya Vargas. Maya has no higher education, and when instead of well-deserved advancement, a candidate with a diploma is taken in her place, the woman decides to prove to herself and others that innate talent is more important than the formal “crust”.

    Maya's girlfriends make up her fake resume, thanks to which she is taken into a large company, and here the heroine Jennifer will have to sweat to meet her expectations. Fortunately, her best friend Joan helps her (Lea Remini, who has been friends with Lopez in real life for many years), has been helping her.

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