• Cold and warm flavor: flower arrangements

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     Cool coloring Floral com
    Every artist, interior designer, fashion designer or For example, a food designer, before starting to create his masterpieces, thinks about the mood and color to choose for his work. It is no secret to anyone what effect a color has on a person. Each of us has our own preferences regarding the color palette of so many things that surround us, which we use every day.
    Cold and warm color Floral com
     Cold and warm color Floral com
    Pictures with interiors are analyzed from the point of view dominant color.At the bottom of each is drawn a scale with a specific color temperature. This was done specifically to visually show the difference between cold and warm color palettes, what mood they carry.
     warm coloring
     Cool Color
    The task of today's master class will be to create flower decorative compositions in a warm and cold color, which can then be presented to those you love by the March 8 holiday. First you need to make the background in warm and cold colors. From materials, you will need watercolor paper, watercolor, napkin, brushes, a black marker with a thin rod and a black gel pen will come in handy a little later.
     paper of paint
    Wet paper should be moistened.
    moisten paper
    Then randomly dissolve the paint of warm shades, because now the preparation will be prepared in a warm color. It’s better to cover the table with an oilcloth or newspaper. If a sheet of paper is rotated in different directions, colors will flow from one to another, as a result, new shades will appear.
    as a result, new shades will appear The result is approximately the same background.
     such background ​​
    The same manipulations must be performed for a picture in a cold color.
    picture in cold color
     drawing in cold coloring
     drawing in cold coloring
    To add complex STI and picturesque, while the paint on paper not completely dry, the sheet is still wet, you can sprinkle the top with water. There will be additional spots, blotches.
     sprinkle water on top
    You need to give the paper a good dry.If it has arched as a result of this process, it should be ironed through a clean sheet with an iron in order to straighten it.
     give the paper a good dry
     iron iron
    Finally, everything is ready for the next stage of work.
     finished paper with a coloring
    Flower arrangement is drawn arbitrarily. If there is a certain amount of uncertainty, you can fantasize on the drafts, making quick sketches. Then you can draw a preliminary drawing with a simple pencil, or you can immediately draw with a marker.
     Flower arrangement is drawn
    draw with a marker
    In the process can you need colored pencils and felt-tip pens, you can draw some details of the picture with watercolor.
     need colored pencils and felt-tip pen
     cold floral arrangements
    At the end of the lesson there were two completely different floral arrangements in mood. It remains to make them in the mat and put in a frame under the glass.

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