• Citizenship in the questionnaire

    Citizenship in the questionnaireOften, while filling out a form for obtaining a passport, many make elementary errors that can create a lot of problems or increase the time of issue of the document. One of the most common such mistakes is that many do not know how to write citizenship in the questionnaire.

    Filling rules

    Writing in your personal data in paper, be extremely careful and write in legible handwriting. If your natural handwriting is difficult to read, it’s best to write in block letters to eliminate the possibility of errors.
    What you need to know in order to correctly indicate citizenship in the questionnaire:

    1. When you fill out the form in Russian, in the column "citizenship" it is necessary to write the name of the country in which you live. For example, if you are going to get a visa, in this case you can write “Russian Federation” or simply “Russia”. In some cases, you can limit yourself to the abbreviation "RF".Citizenship in the questionnaire
    2. It is considered permissible to indicate in the form of belonging to a country, for example, “Russian” (“-ka”).
    3. If you used to be a citizen of another country or at the moment you have any citizenship other than the existing one, indicate this information if this is required by the instruction. The exception to this rule are citizens born in the times of the USSR. If they still live on the territory of the Russian Federation and are citizens of this country, then there is no need to write additional clarifications.
    4. If you need clarification, write shortly, but clearly, for what reason you refused or received another citizenship. In some cases, it is required to specify the status of their second citizenship in Russia. You can have dual citizenship if you moved to Russia from a country with which the Russian Federation has the appropriate arrangements. For example, if you already have Belarusian citizenship, then you need to write: "I am a citizen of the Republic of Belarus and received my current citizenship after moving to the Russian Federation".Citizenship in the questionnaire
    5. In a foreign language, indicate the citizenship in the application form, according to certain rules. So, if you are writing in English, then in the section Citizenship of the form it is better to use the wording “Russian Federation”.

    IMPORTANT: in many foreign languages ​​there is no fundamental difference between the words “nationality” and “citizenship”. For example, the French word nationalité simultaneously means both of these concepts. However, if we are talking about working with official documentation, as a rule, we mean the latter.
    Useful recommendation: in order to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes, you have the right to ask you to issue a document form in English or Russian if you are not sure that the text is written correctly.
    Citizenship in the questionnaire
    In any case, in order not to get confused in the wording and variations, it is always better to write citizenship in the questionnaire like this: “Citizen of the Russian Federation”. According to the relevant federal law, stateless persons and persons with dual citizenship cannot be admitted to state service in Russia, especially to obtaining a foreign passport.
    We hope that after reading this article, you will no longer have questions about how to correctly indicate citizenship: Russia or the Russian Federation, as well as any other problems with filling in the appropriate "problem" column.

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