• Choosing a closet for shoes in the hallway right!

    One of the components of the external attractiveness and functionality of any interior is ... order in the room. For example, no matter how expensive and stylish the hallway design was, a pile of shoes and boots at the front door and along the walls would spoil the whole picture.

    Correct the situation will help closet under the shoes in the hallway. How much its size, configuration and color solutions are different, you can see here. A wide selection of shoes and lockers will not cause confusion if you take into account the main points when buying this piece of furniture.

    Dimensions: there is not a lot of shoes!

    The optimal dimensions of the product - the golden mean between compactness and spaciousness. The standard hallway has a small area, because bulky furniture is inappropriate here.

    On the other hand, the locker has to cope with its tasks. Therefore, before buying or ordering a model you like, check the shoes, find out the shoe "traffic" for the seasons and calculate how much storage space it will take.When calculating, also consider the number of family members (each has a separate shelf) and the possible reserve of space for guests' shoes.

    Design: decent shoes - decent housing!

    The style of the shoe shelf should overlap with the style of the room and not contradict the general mood of the apartment. Since this is a compact space from which your home “begins”, the principle of stylistic uniformity is even more important here: in a limited area, every detail of the interior is in the foreground.

    The breadth of colors and a variety of modifications allows you to choose the best option for any apartment. It can be:

    -Slim- a narrow cabinet with hinged doors, equipped with an inclined mechanism, thanks to which the shelves open 45 ° or 90 °;

    -Bon- a roomy display shelf with deaf or transparent facades;

    -Coupe- a compact analogue of an ordinary closet with sliding and fixed shelves for shoes;

    -nightstand- a small wardrobe with hinged doors, which often comes in tandem with a dressing table, hangers, a soft ottoman;

    -clothing store- an open stand with shelves of various lengths and sizes;

    -column -a narrow high shoe cushion with vertical or inclined shelves.

    The maximum functionality of the products is provided by such solutions as a mirror facade, soft seats, pull-out drawers for brushes and creams, an umbrella compartment, different height of shelves, a combination of open sections designed for “relevant” pairs, and closed ones for shoes in boxes . But even if you give preference to the simplest construction, remember: things must not only be placed in a shoebox - they must “breathe” and retain their original appearance.

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