• Choose stylish sweaters and sweaters in 2015 (11 photos)

    All girls wear trousers and jeans, especially in the cold season, when they want to warm up and feel comfort and warmth. And what else is required in winter or autumn? That's right, a warm sweater or jacket. What will be fashionable in 2015?

    In sporty style

    How to choose a sweater?

    What should I look for when buying a sweater or sweater? Here are a few basic points:

    • Figure. For example, if slender ladies go volumetric styles and rough mating, then ladies with appetizing forms should refrain from this.
    • Materials Wool - perhaps the warmest and completely natural material. But in some cases, it can prick and even cause allergies. The knitted sweater will be pleasant to touch and favorably emphasize your dignity. No less pleasant and noble cashmere.
    • What are you going to wear a sweater with? This is also important, because, for example, a volume jacket will look great with narrow jeans, but it will not be combined in the best way with long flared skirts.Although experiments are welcome, and the rules can be broken.

    Fashion trends 2015

    Fashion is a capricious lady and inclined to change, sometimes quite drastic. What was relevant literally last season may be unfashionable in the future. So what can we expect from the coming 2015? What to wear? Let us single out several trends.

    Rough knit

    Trendy colors

    What colors will be relevant? In fact, nothing is forbidden, you can safely buy jackets of your favorite shades, because if the tone suits you, then the jacket will be stylish anyway. But still it is better to give preference to shades restrained, calm and gentle, for example, beige, cream or ivory. Such tones emphasize femininity.

    Lightweight fabric

    Actual and green, almost the whole range of blue, brown, sand. In the trend and familiar to all classic colors: white, black and gray. In addition, you can buy a sweater beautiful burgundy, wine or plum color. Relevant and passionate red, as well as its shades.


    If you prefer something unusual and decorated with drawings to boring monophonic things, then you can safely get sweaters with prints. Here is what will be relevant in 2015:

    1. Strip. Any directions, contrast combinations and variations are all in a trend. Remember that the horizontal strip can fill, but the vertical draws the silhouette and looks good.
    2. Popular and cell. It can be both ordinary and intricate and creative. Do not think it is boring or ridiculous. If such a sweater competently beat and combine with the right things, then the image will be complete and stylish.
    3. Floral prints. What in the cold season reminds of a warm summer or a beautiful spring? Correct, bright colors. They can cover almost the entire sweater, forming a whole flower clearing. But in the center can be located one large flower, which will certainly become a bright accent. Brightness and contrasting combinations are welcome.
    4. Animalistic drawings are also in trend: parrots, tigers, camels and other representatives of exotic fauna.
    5. Geometric patterns are still relevant and captivate the eye with their amazing and creative simplicity.
    6. Want something unusual? Choose a jacket with a psychedelic or abstract pattern or pattern.
    7. Photographs or photographs of famous or even unknown people are relevant.For example, if you have an idol, get a jacket with his photo on the chest.



    Fashionable sweaters and sweaters of the future 2015 are distinguished by a variety of styles and silhouettes. Here are the most relevant:

    • At the peak of fashion is the so-called V-neck. He is incredibly feminine and sexy. Such a style detail, firstly, will visually lengthen the neck, and secondly, will emphasize the chest. In addition, this neckline can be combined with the bottom of almost any style from sporty and free to classic.
    • Actual short sleeves and 3/4 sleeves. It is not only comfortable, but also feminine, because women's hands are a very sexy part of the body.
    • Want to look feminine and sexy? Acquire a sophisticated model of a fitting and fitted silhouette, made of angora, from fine wool or from soft jersey. What to wear such a sweater? Almost with anything. Skirts of any style and any length are available to you, jeans (skinny and shortened models are best combined with such a soft and romantic top, although if you wear boyfriends, it will look fresh and somewhat unusual), classical trousers.
    • How nice to bury your nose in the neck and forget about everything.In 2015, you will be given such an opportunity, since high and volumetric necks are more than relevant. And if such a detail is made of another material, then it can become a kind of bright accent of a sweater.
    • Three-dimensional sweaters are relevant, which, first, can hide some of the flaws of your figure, and second, fragility and femininity are emphasized. Slender and tiny girls can afford coarse and large knitting, and young ladies with appetizing forms are better to opt for small or medium. Bulk sweaters go well with skinny or cropped jeans. As for the length, it can vary. For example, you can buy a jumper that closes the buttocks. But in the future season, shortened models will also be relevant, which can be called a challenge to society and a completely successful attempt to break stereotypes.
    • Asymmetry is welcome: an extended back or side, an open shoulder, and so on. But if you decide to choose such a model, then choose a discreet bottom so as not to overload the image.
    • Be sure to purchase a sweater dress, it will definitely be relevant next year.But it is better not to wear it with pants or jeans. The best option - leggings or tight tights.
    • Tight models will also be appropriate, because they are so unobtrusively emphasize femininity and elegance.
    • Sweaters with elastic at the bottom not only protect from the cold, but also favorably beat the image.


    Little strips

    Sometimes the details are more important than the main parts, so pay attention to them. Several win-win options:

    • Rhinestones and sequins will occur less and less, but in minimum quantities they are not only permissible, but also relevant.
    • Patterned knitting is the peak of the next season. But not everyone can afford it, but only slender girls.
    • Ornaments or insets of leather. The skin, in general, in 2015 will be present almost everywhere.
    • Fans of fur will also be satisfied, as it can be present and play the role of an element of decor or even be the most catchy accent.
    • A zipper in the front will excite the male fantasy and act as a bright detail of the image.
    • Popular will be large buttons.
    • Many designers are so accustomed to combine the incompatible, so that in fashionable sweaters and sweaters next year can be seen against the background of coarse-knit inserts of lace or silk. Tandems of various fabrics are welcome.

    Remember that minimalism is relevant, so that the jacket, dazzling with patterns and overloaded with details, will look ridiculous.

    Now you can go to the store. Successful shopping!

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