• Chocolate cake - a dream for a sweet tooth

    Almost all sweet teeth love chocolate. And if you want to make an exquisite and appetizing dessert that will satisfy any gourmet, then make a chocolate cake!

    Variety of recipes

    How to cook a delicious chocolate cake? Below are a few good options.

    Option number 1

    A stunning chocolate cake can be made from cocoa powder. And that's what it takes:

    For sponge cake:

    • 1.75 cups of flour (that is, one and another three quarters);
    • a third of a glass of cocoa powder;
    • four eggs;
    • hl baking powder or baking soda;
    • a glass and a couple of Art. l. sugar sand;
    • 230 g butter;
    • two bags of vanillin or half tsp. vanilla extract.

    For making fudge:

    • half a cup of cocoa;
    • a full cup of powdered sugar;
    • half a glass of milk or cream;
    • three or four art. l. butter.


    1. You need to make an airy chocolate sponge cake. To do this, you must first combine and it is desirable to sift all the dry ingredients,except sugar: so the dough will be more tender. If you use soda, then quench it with boiling water or lemon juice and inject it later. Beat the eggs actively with sugar until frothy. Next, softened butter (you need to get it in advance from the refrigerator), enter into the egg mixture. Now the liquid and dry parts need to be combined and whipped with a mixer.
    2. The dough should be quite liquid, so if it is thick, you can put in some hot water. Next, pour the mass into two fluffed butter with separable identical round shapes so that the dough is cooked evenly (it can burn in the same container from the bottom and top, and remain raw in the middle). On baking will take about half an hour, the temperature - 170-175 degrees. Ready cakes should be cooled and cut into two parts.
    3. Now it’s time for chocolate fudge. To get it, soften the butter, mix it with milk and heat it. Next, in this mixture, add cocoa with sugar and a mixer, whisk everything until smooth. If the mass is liquid, it can be cooled in the refrigerator. Lubricate it with cakes, cover the entire surface of the cake. Also it can be sprinkled with cocoa or sugar powder for decoration.

    Option number 2

    Air chocolate sponge cake will complement not less delicious chocolate cream. To make a delicious cake, you will need:

    On the dough:

    • two glasses of flour;
    • two glasses of granulated sugar;
    • two-thirds cup of cocoa powder (natural, no added sugar);
    • two full teaspoons of baking soda or baking powder;
    • half acres. salts;
    • a glass of fatty milk or cream;
    • 100 g butter;
    • 200 ml of water;
    • three bags of vanillin or tsp. vanilla extract.

    On the cream:

    • 170 g butter;
    • three glasses of powdered sugar;
    • two-thirds cup of milk;
    • bag of vanillin.

    Description of the cooking process:

    1. In a deep bowl, mix all the dry ingredients for the dough. Better yet, sift them beforehand. Then add the remaining liquid ingredients (except water), but soften or melt the oil beforehand. Beat the whole mass thoroughly with a mixer until smooth. Now gradually pour a thin stream of freshly boiled water, continue kneading the dough so that it becomes liquid. Then pour it into a greased or double mold to make it better and faster. Send the containers to an oven heated to 180 degrees for 25 or 30 minutes.Willingness is checked with a match or a toothpick: after immersion in the center of the biscuit, it must remain dry. Cool the cakes and cut into several pieces.
    2. Take care of the cream. The oil must be softened and beaten to make it airy and lush. Enter into it sugar powder with cocoa and vanilla, then slowly add milk. You should have a fluffy and rather thick mass.
    3. Peel the cream with a cream, and also lubricate the top and sides. Delicious homemade cake is ready, you can serve it to tea!

    Option number 3

    These cakes are made from chocolate. And to create a culinary masterpiece, prepare:

    • 150 g of flour;
    • six eggs;
    • 150 g dark chocolate;
    • 50 g of powdered sugar;
    • 200 grams of sugar;
    • 150 grams of butter;
    • bag of vanillin.

    For cream:

    • 200 g heavy cream;
    • 50 g dark chocolate;
    • 70 g of butter.

    For the glaze:

    • a glass of fatty cream;
    • 300 g of dark chocolate;
    • four art. l. butter.

    For impregnation:

    • 50 ml of almond liqueur.


    1. Eggs need a long time to drive with sugar, to get a fluffy and stable foam. Then add the softened, but not melted butter together with powdered sugar.Chocolate must be melted in any way: on the stove, water bath or in the microwave. Pour it in a thin trickle into the dough, and then slowly add flour and knead the homogeneous dough.
    2. Pour the dough into a detachable buttered mold and bake at 170 degrees for about 40 or 50 minutes. Allow the biscuit to cool slightly.
    3. For now, get some cream. To do this, whip the cream so that they turn into air mass. Enter the oil in them, whisk everything again. Now it's time to add a pre-semi-liquid chocolate. Pour it gradually, continuing the process of beating. The finished cream should get thick enough.
    4. Cut the sponge cake into three or four cakes, each mix with cream.
    5. It's time to make the icing. To do this, warm the cream well over the fire, add butter and chocolate to it, so that all the ingredients are dissolved. Cool a little mass, and when it thickens, begin to coat the west cake.

    Option number 4

    Exquisite delicacy will be chocolate cake with nuts. You will need:

    • 1.5 cups sugar;
    • 1.5 cups flour;
    • 140-150 g of butter;
    • five st. l. honey
    • three eggs;
    • 50 g of walnuts;
    • hlbaking soda or baking powder;
    • half a cup of cocoa powder.

    For cream:

    • a glass of sour cream;
    • a glass of sugar;
    • five st. l. cocoa;
    • a glass of peeled walnuts.


    1. First, beat the eggs with sugar to make a lush foam. The oil should be soft, but not melted. Mix it with honey. Soda extinguish with boiling water, lemon juice or vinegar. Now combine the egg and oil mixture, add soda, mix everything. Chop the walnuts, also add them to the dough and start gradually adding flour and cocoa.
    2. The dough is baked in a greased detachable round shape at 170-175 degrees for about forty-forty-five minutes.
    3. When the finished sponge cake has cooled slightly, it can be cut into several cake layers.
    4. Cooking cream is very simple. First, grind the nuts in a coffee grinder, mix them with cocoa, sugar and sour cream, but do it carefully and do not beat the mass, otherwise it will become liquid.
    5. Smear the peanuts with nut cream and coat the entire surface of the dessert. For the decor, you can use cocoa, sprinkling them with cake.

    Choose any proposed recipe and surprise households or guests with a delicious chocolate cake!

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