• Children's mini-album - album-pocket

    Children's mini-album (album-pocket)with your own hands - a lightweight mobile album-pocket, made in the style of a personal event in the life of a beloved child.

    Materials and tools:

    1. a set of scrap paper. Painter "Kids";
    2. mini paper set;
    3. self-adhesive applications (rubbing);
    4. ruler, glue;
    5. satin ribbon (pink);
    6. cutting mat;
    7. The layout knife.

    Step 1

    To begin with, we take thick A3-size paper. We draw on it patterns for each of the pages so that in the end the word DADY is formed. If desired, you can make a personal album, using not the word BABY, but, for example, the name of the girlfriend you are going to for the birthday. We do not recommend making an album for too long names.

    Step 2

    Next, cut the pattern with scissors.

    Step 3

    We take sheets for scraping from the "Kids" set from Mr. Painter and translate them into patterns for the pages. Carefully cut out.

    Step 4

    Next, we combine dense patterns with colored pages with super glue. Thanks to this, the pages will be quite dense and will not tear.

    Step 5

    Now we add the pages to each other to get the intended word.

    Step 6

    We decorate the largest page with the letter Y using paper from the mini set. Glue it on the glue, then glue the child's photo. Some elements are cut out of scrapbooking paper, which we already glue on top of the photo, even better, fixing it on the page.

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