• Childhood obesity - father blame

    Swedish scientists, observing 130 children aged from six months to four years, came to the conclusion that children inherit overweight in the line of the father.
    Childhood obesity
    Childhood obesity

    As the scientists found out, overweight fathers in this study were more than full mothers, which gave researchers the opportunity to talk about the fault of men in the poor heredity of children. In addition, as the doctors note, sugar plays a significant role in childhood obesity, which children get mostly not in the form of chocolate and sweets, but in sweet carbonated drinks.

    Meanwhile, Danish scientists have published an article in the British medical journal, the main conclusion of which is stated quite simply: youthful men and women have more chances to live to old age than their peers looking older than their years. The method of researchers, who compared 387 pairs of fraternal twins, was rather primitive. They offered a group of respondents to guess the age of 70-90-year-old twins from photographs.The result was unequivocal: people who looked younger than their age lived longer than their brothers and sisters with accented signs of old age. As the researchers suggest, important DNA fragments that are responsible for the ability of cells to reproduce, determine the appearance of their owner.

    According to researchers, if the doctor noticed that his patient looks older than his years, then an urgent need to start sounding the alarm.

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