• Cheap and cool nail polishes

    Perfect manicure is an important component of a stylish image. And to create it you can use nail polish, which will make your nails even more attractive and bright. But what if you want to enjoy the manicure, but there is no extra money? Get one of the quality inexpensive varnishes.

    The best varnishes at an affordable price

    A list of good inexpensive nail polishes:

    • «Maybelline Colorama»- This is one of the best varnishes belonging to the category of inexpensive. And although you spend only a little more than a hundred rubles, the result will definitely not disappoint you and even surprise you. The palette is very wide and includes five dozen different shades, among which there are options for every taste: delicate pastel, trendy nude, rich and deep, as well as “acidic” for those who are used to attract attention. As part of no harmful toluene and formaldehyde, so your nail plate will not be affected. The coating is resistant and lasts at least 4-5 days, but it is easily removed by any special means.Rich pigments provide beautiful deep shades, and an improved brush makes the application as comfortable and simple as possible. Since the bottle is transparent, you can always see the remaining amount of money.
    • "Dance Legend". Under this brand inexpensive nail polishes are also produced, and the most diverse: with mother-of-pearl, glitter, shimmer, classic glossy, with decorative elements (for example, stars), “chameleons” that change shade depending on the lighting, and even thermolacs that change tone warm and cold. There are so many shades that the eyes literally run away, so you can do both a casual and discreet manicure for office or study, as well as creative and bright. In the range there are "acidic", delicate pastel colors, rich colors. Also in the line there is a collection of tools that allow you to create a beautiful coating with the effect of gel polish. Resistance at height and is maintained even when exposed to water and temperature changes. The price depends on the specific series and varies from 100 to 250-300 rubles.
    • Enumerating good budgetary funds for manicure, it is worth noting produced by the cosmetic company"Golden Rose". One of the most popular and beloved by the representatives of the series is "Rich Color". The line was called "Rich Color" for a reason. First, in the palette there are more than a hundred of the most different shades, among which you will definitely choose the one that suits you best. In the range there are pearl shimmer tones that adorn the nails with pearl shine, and luxurious deep and rich, and soft pastel. The stylish transparent bottle doesn’t hide the real color, and the convenient extended brush in the shape of a scapula allows you to make a manicure quickly and simply. The texture provides a uniform coating and comfortable application. Another popular brand line is “WOW”. The palette also pleases with diversity and is complemented by ultra-fashionable effects, and the small bottle fits in any handbag and minimizes the likelihood of thickening and drying of the contents.
    • Delight girls and women varnishes brand"El Corazon". Under the brand comes several lines, and each deserves respect and has its fans. So, there are medicinal varnishes with the effect of biogel, which contain caring ingredients and restore the structure of the nail plates.The Kaleidoscope series will allow you to achieve a cat-eye effect and get an unusual design. "Therapeutic hardness" is a unique basic component in the composition that prevents delamination and fragility. Thermolocks can change shades depending on the ambient temperature. Also under the brand are the tools for decoration and unusual effects: stemping, creating patterns with a thin brush. All varnishes have a pleasant texture that provides a perfectly smooth finish, and even a beginner can create it.
    • Pretty high quality varnishes"Avon", but the series "Gel Finish" deserves special attention and love. These are the agents with the effect of gel-varnishes, the main advantage of which is durability. And the coating really lasts a long time, while maintaining its attractiveness and not peeling off, as some varnishes in the same price category. Another big plus is the palette. Although it has fewer shades than in the above-described rulers of other brands, but the scale includes the most beloved and relevant tones. The third virtue is the effects. Among them there are luxurious matte, classic glossy and stylish shimmer.Means are easy to apply, as the consistency is quite liquid. The composition evenly covers the nail, but to obtain a saturated color, it is better to apply two or three layers, which will further increase the resistance.
    • The list should include varnishes of the brand."Faberlic". The main advantage of the brand - a variety of lines for every taste. But especially the representatives of the weaker sex like “Mirage” with a variety of special effects. With this series you can create a bright manicure at home, and the result will delight and surprise you. Another worthy option is the “Smart Color” line, which allows you to create bulk dense coatings and achieve truly rich and deep tones. The disco style series includes bright colors and is suitable for party lovers who are used to attracting attention. Lucky "Phoenix" will present luxurious holographic effects with modulations.
    • If you are ready to spend 300 rubles on a quality varnish, then purchase a brand product"Essie". There are more than one hundred different shades in the palette, and they have original memorable names, such as “Cashmere Robe”, “Fifth Avenue”, “Secret Meeting”, “Fine Tuxedo”.But all tones are persistent and saturated, so the pleasure of the result is guaranteed. The application is very convenient, the coating has increased durability, and the refined light shine will make your marigolds perfectly even and well-groomed.

    How to choose an inexpensive varnish and not to harm nails?

    Finally a few tips:

    1. It is desirable to acquire high-quality and affordable lacquers in specialized cosmetics stores, and in large and well-known, whose reputation you are sure of. This can be both the departments of well-known international trade networks, and the points of companies operating within specific regions or settlements. The department must be equipped accordingly, and the sellers are obliged, upon the buyer's request, to present a trade license.
    2. Before buying, be sure to inspect the bottle. First, pay attention to the shelf life, since after its expiration the consistency, shade and other characteristics may change, and the product will become harmful and toxic. Secondly, evaluate the quality of closing the lid. If it is loose on the bottle or scrolls,then the contents will leak and smudge everything around. Thirdly, if the container is opaque, then it should have a color designation with a number and pattern.
    3. If you decide to save money and order cosmetics online, then purchase goods only from trusted suppliers on their official websites. Otherwise you can run into a fake.

    Do not overpay for a perfect manicure. Get a quality, but inexpensive lacquer by examining the list of the best tools.

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