• Characteristics of men and women Taurus in the year of the Snake

    Nata Carlin May 28, 2018

    People born in a combination of the signs of Taurus and Snake, are very balanced in temper, calm character, they are constant and extremely prudent. These two zodiac signs of different horoscopes perfectly complement each other.The Taurus Snake since childhood seeks to organize around itself a comfort zone, knows the value of money and knows how to dispose of them. Purposeful and firmly standing on his feet, knocking off the road to achieve his goal is almost impossible. He always knows what he needs and, despite the obstacles, will go in the chosen direction. At the same time, people of this combination of signs are realists, they do not inherently have illusions, and they never ignite risky ideas that could turn into a complete fiasco.

    They really appreciate their own capabilities, level of development and life activity, so they do not undertake impracticable tasks

    In any sphere of human activity, Taurus the Serpent shows a special efficiency, knowing exactly what to do next. Himin any situation there is a clearly built plan of actionwhich he strictly follows. He perfectly sees all the underwater reefs that await him on the way, he is predictable in his actions and very sociable. Thus, he manages to avoid unforeseen situations, and as a result - stress. He will never play in the casino, he will not be lured by tote or gambling.

    Characteristic born in the year of Snake Taurus

    Male Taurus, born in the year of the Serpent, has a calm and balanced character

    In the professional sphere, these people prefer management, jurisprudence and any other type of activity that requires direct communication with people.Already in their youth, Taurus Snakes never need the financial support of their parents.. They clearly know how and where to make money, how much their labor costs and where to spend their savings. Intuition for these people is an empty sound, they will never listen to it, relying solely on their own mind and accurate calculation. With all this, Taurus Snakes are very fond of art: painting, music and everything related to this concept. They have a delicate taste, always stylishly dressed and love to eat tasty.

    Characteristic men Taurus Snakes

    The Taurus guy in the year of the Serpent is very fair, faithful to the ideals and responsible person. His character combines such qualities as realism and romanticism, inaccessibility and the desire to compromise, perseverance and the peculiarity of listening and hearing of others.It is practical, calculating, stubborn, straightforward and uncontrollable.in cases where they are trying to put pressure on him.

    The man of this combination of signs used to create and see his world the way it seems only to him.Priorities in his life are clearly set, to influence the course of his thoughts or procedure is almost impossible. He can listen to what the people around him say, but not hear them and do everything in their own way. His insight strikes and sometimes even scares. It seems that he just reads the thoughts of others.

    Always and in all man Taurus Snake seeks for comfort. This feeling should be everywhere: at home, at work, in the car, on a visit or on vacation

    He always has a huge number of friends and acquaintances, so to get good advice or help for him is no problem. In the professional field - is a tireless worker.He is very diligent and patient, and this is already 90% success. A man of this combination of signs is veryloves order, honesty and always openly in the eyes will express his opinionno matter who is in front of him. The management always cares for such employees, appreciating them for their dedication, creativity and dedication to their work. If a Taurus male snake takes up a leadership position, the company he heads will succeed himself.

    A man of this combination of signs is alwayssees the right way, choosing the most win-win scenariosfrom the mass of possible. He always has money both for daily expenses and deposited in the far corner for a rainy day.

    Taurus features in the year of the Snake

    Taurus-Serpent has many friends

    Imperfections of the mark

    The weakness of the male Taurus Snake is that theyalways and in everything they rely on their own intelligence and cold calculation, completely excluding intuition. This may not lead to too good consequences.

    Characteristics of women Taurus Snake

    Taurus girl, born in the year of the Snake, has a calm and balanced character. She naturally possesses excellent taste and understanding of the beautiful.She can not be found on the street without the perfect makeup and rumpled skirt. All the details of the wardrobe are carefully selected up to the accessories.The main goal in life is material prosperityShe aspires to it in all available ways.

    The Taurus-Snake woman always speaks only the truth; she does not tolerate lies and flattery with all the fibers of her soul. She is a fighter for justice and seeks to make people's relationships perfect.This is a lucky man who only needs to find his calling.and strictly go to the target. A woman of this combination of signs is able to independently make important decisions and with dignity endure all the troubles and hardships. She copes well with any activity, but she is always closer to creativity.

    The Taurus Snake woman is a born designer, photographer, architect, planner. She is a man of nature, therefore landscape design and cultivation of flowers is the most suitable work for her.

    Ladies of this sign love comfort, luxury and wealth. They can achieve this only by using their talents in full force. And for this you only need to understand yourself and go to your intended goal.

    characteristic of Taurus women in the year of the Snake

    Taurus Snake women love luxury in everything

    Imperfections of the mark

    The weak side of the character of women Taurus Snake - excessive uncertainty in their own actions.Very often, they torment themselves with doubts on one occasion or another., not amenable to building a logical chain. At these moments, they become irritable and often disrupt the annoyance of close people, which is considered a big minus in family relationships.

    Taurus love compatibility in the year of the Snake

    Men Taurus Snakes are ideal husbands in terms of whatthey don't even know the thought of treason. As champions of truth and justice, they will never agree to betrayal or accept betrayal of their partner. In the family, this is a decent and responsible head, adoring his children and appreciating his wife. butromance for him is nonsense!

    Require the male Taurus Serpent serenades under the windows and romantic dinners is useless, he still does not understand what you want, and can still be offended

    This prevents them from building relationships with girls in the candy-bouquet period. But in the event that he chose a partner for himself and realized that she has warm feelings for him, with his usual insight, he tries to catch any of her wishes and makes every effort to ensure that the relationship is only stronger.

    Whereinlong romance in men Taurus-Snake does not happen. To approach the choice of the future spouse, he will be painful and long, weighing and analyzing all the pros and cons. His rudeness and tactlessness in most cases repel potential applicants from his heart.

    The family is male Taurus Snake Conservativewith special, only to him clear views on life that are not amenable to criticism, discussion or cancellation. However, this is compensated for by the fact that he is always devoted to his native hearth, and he strives for all his relatives and friends to create the most comfortable living conditions. The man of this sign is always able to take responsibility, he can be relied on, he is faithful and reliable. A harmonious relationship can build with a calm and obedient woman, although order and prosperity are guaranteed for any choice.

    the character of the Taurus Snake guy

    Male Taurus-Snake in the family - the main earner and reliable support

    The Taurus Snake woman is very wise and insightful. These two qualities, along with coquetry and temperament, allow her to dispose of men's hearts at their own discretion.She is romantic, emotional and even a little sentimental.. In the family is a loving and caring mother and wife.She feels perfectly well in the role of a housewife, not at all burdened by this quality. She does not like long disputes and discussions about when and how to do the upcoming business. Just takes everything in hand and does.

    Taurus woman, born in the year of the Snake, always knows how to properly build relationships with people. She is a born diplomat and can negotiate with any person under any circumstances

    She always has a clean home, lots of delicious food, cooked with her own hands, comfortable and calm. A woman of this combination of characters just loves to spend time with her family, this is her work and leisure. However, a small disadvantage in this respectconsidered to be a comprehensive love of their own offspring and spouse who knows no boundaries.

    Compatibility in love according to the eastern horoscope is possible:

    • With the Monkey, the Rooster, the Bull and the Dragon.
    • In question with Rabbit, Horse, Tiger, Goat, Snake, Dog and Rat.
    • You should not start a relationship with Boar.

    According to the western horoscope, love and marriage can be built with the Virgin or the Fish, an excellent alliance with Leo and Scorpio. Friendship will be strong with Taurus and Aquarius.

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