• Characteristic of the zodiac sign Aries: “Everything is over the edge. All to the limit "

    Aries Despite the fact that the partners understand each other perfectly, they know all the root causes of their problems and disagreements, there is not much sense from this understanding. Stubbornness and the struggle for power in relationships will easily destroy even the strongest union.
    Taurus A pair of interesting, but short-lived relationship. Too different worldview and approach to solving problems.
    Twins Very good compatibility. Good chances of love, if the Twins do not show duplicity in the relationship and will be as honest as possible with touchy Aries.
    Cancer A good relationship. The phlegmatic nature of Cancer will subdue the temper of Barash. And the fiery passion of Aries will whip up the crustacean and pull it out of its shell.
    a lion The most suitable relationship for marriage with Aries.The support of Leo and his ability to inspire will direct Aries’s ambitions to the right direction. Aries is in debt will not remain: as much as possible to thank the partner with love and care.
    Virgo Very ambiguous relationship. The chances of a strong bond can be broken about the stubbornness of Barashi.
    Libra The inconstancy of Libra and their tendency to intrigue will fatally offend Aries. Stability and respect for them is more important than passion.
    Scorpio The best sexual compatibility of all signs. But you cannot build long-term relationships on sex alone.
    Sagittarius Unforced, but more friendly relations. Sagittarius - not the most monogamous sign.
    Capricorn Relationships competition. The obstinacy of the ram can be compared only with the obstinacy of the goat. Surrounding people wondering who is whom.
    Aquarius Partners will not be bored - passion and quarrel. But life in two polarities sometimes tires.
    Fish Fairly easy relationship. But you can't call them strong. Listen to each other and talk about misunderstandings more often.

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