• Carpet Making Materials

    The most common materials for the production of carpets in our time - wool, synthetic materials and silk. In rooms with high permeability is best to use natural wool.

    They are resistant to mechanical stress. Wool is very durable and durable. It was used for carpet weaving in ancient times. A significant advantage of woolen is their elasticity, even after heavy loads, the fibers return to their original position, so there is no trace of furniture left on them. Here you can buy carpet in Moscow, the best prices in Russia.

    Woolen fibers do not reflect light, so they do not shine, they are pleasant to the touch and very soft. The main disadvantages of such products are the possibility of damage by moths and the need for delicate care. For manufacturing, sheep wool is most often used. It is considered the best wool fine-wool sheep.

    It is nice to walk barefoot on woolen beds. They do not electrify, retain heat, trap moisture, give an atmosphere of comfort.

    Nowadays, carpets made of artificial materials - terclone, polyamide, suprim, polyester, etc., are very popular. They attract with their appearance and at the same time low price. They are much more practical than natural ones. You can buy a carpet from Belgium from viscose in our online store rugs.rf.

    Now a large selection of polypropylene, which are almost no different from wool. Do not forget about products from terklona. They do not cause allergies, non-toxic, pleasant to the touch and moisture-resistant. Polyester carpets have an interesting texture and a long nap.

    Their advantages are soft, they are warm. Disadvantages - such products are difficult to paint, which limits the possibilities of production, they are not elastic. Acrylic on the contrary differ elasticity. Nylon has a variety of colors, very resistant to mechanical stress, and therefore durable.

    Long since silk was considered the most expensive and valuable natural material. Silk are very elegant, have a pleasant luster and elegance.Such carpets are the most durable, high weaving density, which is achieved due to the fineness of the yarn, which allows to transfer the pattern in detail. The lack of such products - the need for careful care.

    Silk can not long be in a wet room. They do not retain heat. Their purpose is the aesthetic filling of the interior. Their cost is much higher than wool. Both raw silk and artificial silk are used as raw materials. Artificial does not differ durability, quickly pollutes and loses an attractive appearance. You can buy high-quality children's carpet on the floor on our website.

    The market is made of composite fibers, often made from a mixture of synthetic and wool materials. With a number of advantages, they have a low price.

    The presence of carpets in the interior is not only practical, but also cozy.

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