• Care and sharpening of a dangerous razor

    Nowadays, modern, multi-blade, electric and even electronic (smart) razors, the fashion for such a tool as a dangerous razor is returning. After her acquisitions, for those who first want to start using this excellent shaving tool, there is the problem of maintaining and caring for this delicate and whimsical tool. And this is a difficult and troublesome thing that requires constant attention. The razor must be constantly lubricated with special oil. The metal of which the razor is made has an unpleasant tendency to darken, and when left for long periods it will rust at all! From any other metal, other alloys, a good razor will not work. In addition to hassle, caring for a straight razor will cost you a lot of money, since special, licensed products for its care cost a lot of money. This includes a variety of abrasives, oils, cleaning fluids and similar related accessories. And therefore I propose to find them a cheaper, but no less effective replacement,which I personally have been using successfully for several years now and my razor does not suffer or deteriorate at all. So let's start with abrasives.
    • The abrasive for dressing the cutting edge of a razor can be replaced with ordinary talc baby powder purchased at a pharmacy.
    • We replace the abrasive for grinding with chalk. Simple, clerical chalk, pounded into dust.
    • Abrasive for capital sharpening, which is held at least once a month, goi paste will work very well.
    • Blade Cleaner after use, replace with medical alcohol.
    • Anti-rust oil for a dangerous razor, replace with baby oil, also bought at the pharmacy.
    Care and sharpening of the razor

    Sharpening the razor

    A new razor bought in a store is not completely sharpened and not suitable for shaving, so you need to first have it to sharpen To do this, we place a sheet of P 400 sand paper (zero) on an absolutely smooth edge of the table (IT IS IMPORTANT!), Put a razor blade on the sheet with a whole plane and in a circular motion, clockwise, sharpen the blade. The blade is shaped so that putting it on a flat surface with the whole plane, the surface will touch only the butt of the blade and the cutting edge of the razor at a certain angle,so that errors with such sharpening are excluded. Sharpen on one side to continue continuously for five to seven minutes. Then we repeat the same procedure with the other side of the blade. After sharpening, we rule the blade on the bar with the skin and the goy's paste, holding the razor with the blade towards us, at least fifty movements from one side to the other.
    Care and sharpening of the razor
    After this we repeat the procedure on the other side of the bar where the hb cloth is located with talcum powder sprinkled on it.
    Care and sharpening of the razor
    Below I will give you how to make such a bar. Now we have the final touch: we sprinkle chalk worn on the dust onto a piece of soft cloth, and carefully, without touching the cutting edge, wipe the blade.
    Care and sharpening of the razor
    After that, if you are not going to use it immediately, just gently wipe the blade with oil and remove it to some dry place. For this purpose, I use a box with small bags of salt, which absorbs moisture from the surrounding air. And now we will make a razor bar before shaving. To make it you will need:
    • Wooden bar (approximately 30 × 5 × 2 cm.)
    • Genuine leather.Better from the old belt.
    • Soft, but thick HB fabric.
    • PVA glue.
    First, let's process the bar sandpaper on wood or plane. So that it becomes smooth. Then, we attach some handle to the bar so that it is more convenient to hold it during the editing. I took the handle from the spatula. Now, first applying glue to the block, wrap it with a thick hb cloth. Cut and fold the corners so that nothing sticks out. And immediately, without waiting for the glue to dry, we glue a leather flap over the entire length of one side. We put the whole thing under the press. You can squeeze heavy books. We are waiting for the time indicated on the adhesive label until it dries completely. Now you can use.
    Care and sharpening of a dangerous razor
    Care and sharpening of the razor
    Edit the razor not only before beating, but also after. And at least once a month spend capital sharpening on a zero sandpaper P 400. Do not forget to wipe with chalk and oil. Observing all these simple rules, your dangerous razor will faithfully serve you for many years.

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