• Can I drink beer?

    Since ancient times, disputes about the harmfulness of various drinks began, and these disputes have not subsided to the present day. But if the benefits of wine have been proven quite a long time ago, then experts are still discussing the benefits of drinking beer. According to recent studies, beer is one of the most popular and popular drinks among Russians. But if we consume such quantities of beer every year, and we still do not feel global changes, the benefits of beer may be more justified, or, nevertheless, we imperceptibly and slowly ruin our health by using this drink. It is necessary to figure out whether you can drink beer, or its use should be avoided.

    Let's start with the arguments and arguments of fans and supporters of the drink:

    • Beer contains a large amount of vitamins, mainly of the B group, as well as many trace elements.
    • In its composition, beer contains antioxidants that can prevent diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, atherosclerosis.
    • By consuming 0.5 liters of beer per day, you can also prevent diseases such as coronary artery disease, obesity, stomach ulcers, and diabetes.
    • Beer can speed up the body's metabolism, which will prevent early aging, and slow it down.
    • Warm beer, good cure for colds.

    Of course, you can drink expired beer, then it clearly does not bring good, but still fresh beer, if you slightly move away from medicine, a weak alcoholic drink that can be consumed in hot weather, and not hooped, as it comes from strong alcohol. But as Paracelsus said a long time ago, a great scientist, whether food will be poison or medicine is determined by its quantity. Therefore, everyone needs to know the measure. A glass or two beers a day for an adult man is not considered a deviation from the norm, unless of course the beer is of good quality.

    Now we consider the objections of opponents of this drink:

    • If you use beer unrestrainedly and regularly, it negatively affects the heart, which becomes decrepit, enlarged, with enlarged cavities, and its rhythm is also disturbed.
    • Beer contains female hormones, so men who consume beer over the years become more feminine, both physically and mentally.
    • You can drink beer after a workout, but in the end, you will not get any physical result from your work.
    • Alcoholism from beer develops much faster than from ordinary alcoholic beverages.
    • The content of vitamins in beer is insignificant, which does not even closely cover the daily rate.
    • Beer is the cause of impotence in men and reduce the fertility of women.

    It sounds impressive, but the advantages of beer supporters are encouraging. But who is right? Can I drink, and what kind of beer can I drink? Of course, it is possible to drink, but in reasonable quantities. A bottle of beer a day, rather bring more benefits than harm, but the daily consumption of liters of beer, of course, will negatively affect your health. It is also worth noting that beer is worth drinking only fresh, of good quality and better unfiltered. When asked how much you can drink beer, we’ll respond with ease, 0.5 - 0.7 liters per day, even though this process will not become consistent, and you will not drink beer every day for a year.

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