• Cake Dove

    Cake Dove(6 servings) - A recipe.


    For strawberry jelly:

    1. 220 g of strawberries;
    2. 65 g of sugar
    3. 4 g leaf gelatin.
    4. For a soft biscuit:
    5. 125 grams of milk chocolate;
    6. 55 grams of butter;
    7. 55 g of sugar
    8. 100 egg whites;
    9. 50 g of egg yolks;
    10. 20 grams of flour.

    For sandy crumb with orange:

    1. 90 g butter;
    2. 80 g of flour;
    3. 15 g of starch;
    4. 2 g of salt;
    5. 30 grams of sugar;
    6. 20 g of egg yolks;
    7. finely grated half zest;
    8. orange.

    For the Orizaba mousse:

    1. 170 ml of milk;
    2. 10 g of leaf gelatin;
    3. 230 g milk chocolate;
    4. 60g praline;
    5. 235 grams of vegetable cream.
    6. To assemble a cake:
    7. white chocolate frosting
    8. white chocolate decor;
    9. sweet snow;
    10. candied violets;
    11. Blueberry.


    Strawberry Jelly

    Pour gelatin with cold water. Beat strawberries into puree, mix with sugar, bring to a boil. Add pressed gelatin, mix to dissolve and pour into a mold with a diameter of 18 cm. Put in a refrigerator for complete solidification.

    Soft biscuit

    Melt chocolate and butter in a water bath to 50-550C. Simultaneously whip the whites with the sugar into a stable foam. In the chocolate mixture, add the yolks and a little whipped whites, then gently, with a spatula, mix the remaining proteins. Add sifted flour. Arrange in a form with a diameter of 20 cm and bake at 1800C 12 min.

    Sand Crumbs with Orange

    Butter, flour, and starch must be very, very cold. Mix all the ingredients in the order specified in the recipe in a homogeneous dough. Refrigerate for 2 hours, then grate to create the same granules. Pour on a baking sheet, bake at 1550C 15 min.

    Orizaba Mousse

    Soak gelatin in cold water for 10 minutes. Partially melt the chocolate broken into pieces. Heat the milk to 60 ° C, add pressed gelatin, stir until dissolved. Pour over partially melted chocolate about 1/3 of the hot milk. Add praline. Stir until a shiny homogeneous mass, gradually pouring in the remaining milk. Cool down to 35-400C and portions of whipped whipped creamy state. Use the mass immediately.

    Assembling the cake

    At the bottom of the form put sponge cake, pour a little mousse, put strawberry jelly and sprinkle with sand dough. Pour mousse, let it freeze and remove the mold. Decorate with icing, chocolate decoration, sweet snow, violets and blueberries.

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