• Business cruise: combine work and rest!

    Business cruise:How to combine work and leisure

    Walking along the river or the sea is one of the most popular places for informal meetings. Business negotiations are held on board a ship or yacht, contracts are signed, deals are concluded, etc. As a rule, such a walk is calculated for one day.


    The popularity of business cruises is very easy to explain. It is unlikely that someone will refuse to spend time pleasantly and with health benefits. But unlike picnics and “land” walks, the limited space of the ship promotes closer communication between the participants of the meeting. And besides, no one will leave the board until the end of the negotiations!


    Before you show your guest the sights of the city, ask him whether he wants it or not. For example: “Mr. Dementyev, I would like to invite you tomorrow to the art museum and the Opera House. Do you want to go with me or prefer something else? ”If Mr. Dementiev cannot go with you for personal reasons or a state of health, then he can easily refuse. Do not put your guests in a desperate situation.


    Do not impose a guest of your society, this can ruin the relationship!


    In the West, golf is an integral part of business. Relaxing atmosphere, fresh air and beautiful landscape help to get to know each other and discuss matters. Recently, golf has become popular in the countries of the former USSR.


    Before you invite a business partner to a game of golf, make sure that for health reasons he can accept your offer. In any case, the invitation must be made in such a way that the guest can easily refuse it.

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