• Brooklyn Beckham surprised father to tears

    “The coolest surprise of the day ... welcome home to Brooklyn and happy birthday David. I love you very much. Kisses, ”signed the video Wiki. It seems that only his mother knew that Brooklyn was going to make a big surprise to his father. The day before the secret return of a 19-year-old son to his home from New York, where he learns the art of photography at a design school, Vicky posted on her account a photo of David with three children who lacked an older son. Well, Brooklyn wrote on his page that he missed his family very much. All these touching pictures and signatures “added fuel to the fire”, or rather added emotions to an already sentimental moment. In addition to his father's appearance, Brooklyn was greatly surprised by his younger sister. In the video, you can hear Harper saying: “I didn’t know that Brooklyn would come!”

    Publication by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham)2 May 2018 at 2:24 PDT

    Overwhelmed with feelings, the former captain of the England team also uploaded a video to his Instagram and wrote: “The best surprise for my birthday, my eldest son is returning home.”

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