• Bright Striped Crochet Socks

    Bright Striped Socks- a master class on crocheting bright and very beautiful socks.

    Materials and tools:

    1. 25 grams of white, green, yellow, bright pink, blue and orange yarns (51% of sheep's wool, 49% of polyacrylate, 97.5 m / 25 g)
    2. hook number 2.5.


    1. Art. b / n - single crochet;
    2. VP - air loops;
    3. half a dozen - semi-column;
    4. comp. Art. - connection column.

    Pattern Description

    Main pattern:* 1 row of half-stems. green, 1 row of Art. b / n yellow, 1 row polust. bright pink, 1 row Art. b / n blue, 1 row polust. Orange, 1 row of Art. b / n green, 1 row polust. yellow, 1 row of Art. b / n hot pink, 1 row half. blue, 1 row of art. b / n orange thread, repeat from *.

    Border:1 tbsp. b / n, * 3 VP, skip 1 p., 1 tbsp. b / n, repeat from *, 3 VP, 1 Comm. Art. in the 1 st century. b / n.

    Density of knitting:23 loops and 22 rows = 10x10 cm.

    Knitting description

    For the right toe, we make the initial thread with a white thread and knit 8 rows in a circular row (scheme 1) = 32 (36) 40 loops. Then knit the main pattern.

    After 17 cm from the start of knitting we add for the heel and the wedge of rise on both sides of both middle loops in each row 6 times 1 loop = 64 loops. Then for the heel wall we knit 15 loops with a white thread with straight and reverse rows of 19 rows (Scheme 2), attaching the heel wall to the web.

    For a pagolenk, we knit in circular rows the 20th and 21st rows (diagram 2) (= 40 loops), 7 cm of the main pattern, 1 row of semi-column and 1 row of border by a white thread.

    Left toe knit the same way.Knitted bright socksare ready.

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