• Birthday Jackpot - maximum happiness!

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    August 21, 2017
    Birthday Jackpot - maximum happiness!

    Online casinos do not stint. Bonus there bonus here; this, the other and the third. All these bonus offers are very tempting and bribe their generosity. But all of them, to be absolutely honest, do not always bring real joy to casino users. After all - it is widely known - some bonuses of gambling establishments are very difficult to win back. And this, in turn, pulls along a whole series of other difficulties, due to which the casino client - ultimately - remains, rather, more dissatisfied than joyful and happy.

    But things can change literally in the blink of an eye! One hour, one day, nobody knows.

    Once a boy - a modest resident of the Netherlands - registered in a virtual casino. He sent $ 20 to the account and, in spite of the fact that he wasn’t a gambling man at all, with joyful admiration he launched his first spin. So he left the first cents.A few more spins - and a whole dollar left! A few more attempts - and here in the account our hero gapes with his emptiness such an unpleasant ... zero.

    Of course, the guy was upset. He thought - newcomers are lucky and stuff like that ... but in actual fact ... No, not worth it. And I forgot about this casino.

    About six months later, our hero had a birthday! And - among other greetings - he received a notice from the very long forgotten casino. Bonus Gift No Deposit Bonus for Birthday. Surprise!

    To try or not? God knows. Come on, I will try - the man thought - I still do not lose anything. And activated his gift.

    I think everyone already understood what happened to this guy: not for nothing that we see this scene over and over again in our blue dreams or pink dreams. Yes, that's right: he got the jackpot! Huge! Incredible! 1 009 402 dollars! Million dollars! Fantastic! This win was one of the largest in the history of virtual casinos. One of the biggest winnings received using the mobile version of the institution.

    Surprisingly, later the main character of our story stated: despite receiving such a huge amount, I will not give up my work. And on the money won buy a house. Like this.

    It’s hard to imagine that cocktail of emotions that this guy experienced when he saw a 7-digit number on his phone screen! Is that the game http://azart-play.foot-bol.com/slots/banana-splash-2/ can be the same great cocktail of excitement, joy and sharp emotions.

    Come to Azartplay Casino: play online, play in demo mode or play for money - as you like. Come to Azartplay Casino and get your bonuses! Come to Azartplay and get your jackpots!

    Your life will change once and for all!

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