• Big fan from coolers

    This is the simple but very useful fan that we will do.
    I took 4 120mm coolers. I had two and I bought two.
    I pasted the whole thing for 10 minutes with super glue.
    Powered by charging the cell, i. from 5 volts.
    Charming! A wonderful breeze immediately made me happy. &Nbsp;Itried toconnectto12volts-andIthoughtthat too -thewindislikeanormalfanfor maximum power,i.e.prettystrong.Idecidedtostayat5volts.
    Thisdesignhasanumberof advantages comparedtoaconventionalfan.Themainthingissmallsize, Iputitinapackageandcarryitwhereyouwant.Putitinthewindow,youwanttoblowit,youwanttoblowit.&Nbsp;I actuallydiditfromtheverybeginningforthewindowleaf.Good luck!

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