• Best countries to get second citizenship

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    Best countries to get second citizenship

    For several centuries in a row, Europe has remained a worldwide model of culture and law. High social standards, a developed economy, high-quality education and a stable political situation make the EU a tempting destination for immigration. There are many different ways to settle in Europe - from student and work visas to marriage and business. All these methods allow foreigners to stay in the territory of the European Union and enjoy some privileges.

    In order to get all the benefits of living in the EU, you need to get European citizenship. Many people are not even aware of this possibility and believe that in order to obtain a passport, the EU countries need to live in it for more than ten years. And such a procedure for obtaining citizenship is peculiar to many countries of the European Union. But there are also states ready in a short time to give you a second citizenship.

    The best countries to get a European passport, there are states bordering the CIS. Indeed, due to historical events, many citizens of Eastern Europe are forced to change their place of residence, moving to the territory of the modern CIS.

    Today, many European countries are making a lot of efforts to return their citizens to their homeland. Some states offer a simplified and fairly fast procedure for obtaining citizenship. One of the main advantages of obtaining citizenship in these countries is the ability to maintain current citizenship.

    Poland passport

    Many residents of the CIS countries have Polish roots. If you find this documentary evidence, then you can claim the Card of the Pole. With a basic level of knowledge of Polish in less than six months, you can process this document. The next step in obtaining Polish citizenship will be living in the country for a year. As a result, in less than two years, you will be able to obtain European citizenship.

    Bulgarian citizenship

    Bulgarian authorities are interested in the return of the descendants of their citizens to their homeland. One of the advantages of obtaining citizenship of this country is the minimum knowledge of the language.In Bulgaria, an interview with authorized state employees on citizenship issues can be brought along with a translator. And the whole procedure of registration takes 15 months.

    Romanian citizenship

    You can get European citizenship in Romania in 6-8 months. At the same time, you do not need a high level of language skills and long-term residence in the country. The main reason for obtaining a passport of Romania is the documents confirming your Romanian origin.

    When you receive a passport from one of the above countries, you do not have to stay in them. All states of the European Union and their privileges will be open for you.

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