• Beeline: how to connect the "Highway"?

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    Beeline: how to connect the "Highway"?

    The mobile operator "Beeline" provides its subscribers with the service "Highway". It allows you to use mobile Internet at high speed. Consider how to activate the service "Highway".

    "Highway" 1 GB

    If you do not often use the mobile Internet, then the "Highway" with Internet traffic of 1 GB is ideal for you. This service provides a monthly fee of 200 rubles. To connect it, dial * 115 * 04 # + "Call" or make a call to the number 067 471 702.

    "Highway" 3 GB

    The �Highway� service, including 3 Gb of Internet traffic, provides for a monthly fee of 350 rubles. To connect to it, send a request of the following type from your mobile phone: * 115 * 06 # + �Call� or dial the number 067 471 703.

    "Highway" 5 GB

    The �Highway� service also provides 5 GB traffic. For it you will need to pay 495 rubles a month. To connect, use this command: * 115 * 07 # + �Call� or make a call to the number 067 471 74.

    "Highway" 10 GB

    If you plan to spend up to 10 GB per month, then this tariff plan will suit you.It includes a monthly fee of 890 rubles. You can connect it by sending such a request: * 115 * 08 # + �Call�. You can also call this number: 067 471 75.

    "Highway" 20 GB

    The service "Highway" with Internet traffic of 20 GB provides a subscription fee in the amount of 1290 rubles. To activate it, make a call to 067 471 76 number on your mobile or send this request: * 115 * 09 # + �Call�.

    "Highway" 60 GB

    If you are an active user of the mobile Internet and consume large amounts of traffic, you should connect the �Highway� 60 GB. For this service you will need to pay 2500 rubles each month. To connect it, you need to dial this number: 067 471 77 or send the command * 115 * 10 # + "Call".

    Please note that the �Highway� service is free.

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