• Beautiful night light

    Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Everyone prepares his gift, but everyone will most likely have a romantic dinner. Today I want to share with you an interesting idea for the decor of a romantic interior. I will teach you how to make a beautiful night light from amazing materials that can be found in any home. So, what kind of materials should it be: • 500-gram glass jar. From any spins, naturally, washed and dried. • Wire. • Sheet of office paper. The color of this paper is not critical. • Scissors. • Glue for paper. • A small candle and matches or a lighter.
     should be materials
    Materials, as you see usual and will be found in any house. So let's get started. First of all, we need to cut a strip out of paper, which should be equal to about one third of the total size of the sheet in length. But this size may vary, it depends more on the height of your can. The leaf should completely close it, only the neck should remain in sight.The edges of the strip of paper are made wavy to make it more beautiful. cut the strip
    Now, from the remaining paper, cut into different butterflies. They can be of different sizes and shapes.  cut out butterflies Wrap a strip of paper in a jar and glue the edges together.
     wrap the jar

    Now we build a small suspension from a piece of wire, we will hang a few bow ties on it. It makes this suspension simple, we wrap the edge of the wire around the neck and fix it, wrapping one edge in the loop and hooking it with the other end. Then we draw the wire up and wrap it up to make a curved semicircular strip.
     fasten the wire
    This is how the butterflies will look like. It is important that they do not hang too low, it is better to make the wire hanger high, and the thread by which the butterflies will be hung is short. So that the heat from the candle did not reach them, and they did not accidentally catch fire. Beautiful night light Glue butterflies to the paper around the jar. Arrange the butterflies chaotically so that they cover the entire surface of the leaf. Do not overdo it! Butterflies should not be too much, although it allows clusters of several butterflies in one place, a matter of taste.
     Beautiful night light
    Now carefully lower the candle into the jar. If it is possible to set it on fire after it is in the bank, then lower it there unlit. However, if there is no such possibility, then you will have to try not to burn your fingers when you lower it there. It is important that at this stage paper butterflies are not suspended, otherwise there is a risk of burning them.
     Beautiful night light
    That's it, beautiful and romantic, yours will look night light in the interior. Your second half is sure to like the pleasant light that will come from it. You can make several such candlesticks and arrange them around the room, then you will not need additional lighting and the whole room will be filled with a pleasant romantic atmosphere.Please your sweethearts and make them such pleasant surprises.
     Beautiful night light

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