• Beautiful and comfortable home wear

    Everyone knows that natural fiber clothing is highly valued due to its soft, breathable texture, lightness and, most importantly, environmental friendliness. Now the stores have a huge variety of beautiful, original, fashionable and affordable clothing, but less and less original and fashionable goods from natural fabrics can be found on the market.

    Natural fabrics are of plant, animal, or mineral origin. They have valuable properties: they do not cause skin allergies, they have antiseptic properties (we all know that bandages and cotton are made from cotton), they are perfectly breathable, that is, they have thermoregulation.

    Natural fabrics are widely used in the sewing of home clothes, underwear, bed linen, towels, summer clothes, clothes for children.

    Home clothing made from natural fibers should be comfortable, not constrain movements, absorb moisture well and allow air to pass through, aerating the skin, the soft texture of the product gives a feeling of comfort.

    For women, comfortable homewear can be a bathrobe, pants or shorts, complete with a blouse or top.

    The female gown has an interesting story. This type of clothing originally had a completely different purpose, came to our lands from the East, where richly decorated robes were a sign of the social status and wealth of its owner. Oriental healers often used silk or cotton robes as a treatment for various skin diseases. Officials of Ancient China wore this clothing as a uniform, high-class robes decorated images of cranes, minor officials had magpies embroidered, and the emperors themselves wore a robe of the best silk, richly decorated with a five-fingered dragon. Even in Europe, up to the 19th century, a bathrobe was a male type of clothing, and it was only at the end of this century that coquette began wearing silk dressing gowns for the first time, and in the 20th century, dressing gowns became an essential attribute of the image of Soviet women.

    In recent years, domestic manufacturers are actively working on new models of home wear, making it not only comfortable, but also beautiful. No one will argue with the opinion that a real woman even at home tends to look attractive.Especially well worn and look models of knit fabric based on cotton fabric with the addition of elastane, which gives the product elasticity and softness.

    When choosing a knitted dressing gown, pay attention that there are no puffs on the product, the seams are only vertical, otherwise after a few washings the clothing will lose its shape, the ends of the threads must be firmly fixed so that the seams do not dissolve. With frequent washings of knitted clothing, it is recommended to add rinses with enzymes, this will save the product from the pellets.

    But the lightest and thinnest knitted fiber is a kulirka. Clothes from this fabric looks literally airy and weightless. In the hottest weather, clothing made of such fabric does not clog pores, allows the body to breathe even with heavy traffic, perfectly absorbing excess moisture from the skin.

    An additional advantage in favor of knitwear is that it is not subject to crushing, which makes it look neat without additional effort. At the same time, the knitting fabric is strong enough, so you can safely wear such things for work in the garden or in the garden, for walking, perfect as an alternative to sportswear in the warm season.

    The company "AstraIvTeks" is engaged in sewing of quality and fashionable things: women's dressing gowns, T-shirts, light shorts, sarafans and bright tunics from the sweatshirt, velor, mahry. A wide range of products can be found on the company's website, purchased online or in specialized stores.

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