• Be sure to follow this advice before you go on vacation.

    We all know that before you leave your apartment for a long time, you need to turn off all household appliances, turn off the water and gas. And most often we do all these things. But sometimes already on the way to the airport or during a trip by train, doubts start to prevail over us: are we exactly following all the necessary recommendations?

    Particularly impressionable people can survive throughout the rest. And some even make relatives check that everything is in order. If a little paranoia is your companion during any trip, use a simple but very useful advice. Take pictures of all the processes to ensure the security of your apartment on the camera phone.

    Take a photo of the cooker panel so that you can see the position of all the valves and buttons in the photo.

    Lock on the photo the way you block the gas and water.

    Take a photo of the iron, curling iron and other dangerous devices in the off state.

    Make sure all windows are closed.

    The process of closing the front door on the key, remove the video.

    Now, if you have any doubts that you forgot to do something necessary, just look at the photo or video on the phone. After that, you can rest easy and not worry about anything.

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