• Basic rules for bottle sterilization

    In its early years, a child is very susceptible to viral and other infections that can cause many diseases. Before the widespread use of sterilization, quite a few children died from infections. In our time, it is also possible to meet such cases when children are sick from non-observance of the norms for sterilizing feeding supplies.

    To the joy, such cases became noticeably less. Protect and protect the child from germs and bacteria is simply impossible, but to reduce their number around the baby is quite realistic.

    Washing of children's dishes

    Before you sterilize feeding supplies, first of all you need to rinse them well to get rid of all the milk residues. Do not forget to rinse the bottle and the hole in the nipple from the detergent. Silicone teat cleaning salt is not recommended, however, this method is quite normal for latex nipples.

    To clean the nipples, you need to pour some salt into it, then mash it between your fingers. Do not forget to wash the remains of salt.If during the washing you found some damage on the bottle, discard it without hesitation, because the bacteria accumulate in the damaged areas.

    Often, many mothers wash baby bottles in the dishwasher, but it must be remembered that sterilization occurs only when water is heated from 80 ° C and above. Based on this, do not forget to install the appropriate mode. After washing in the dishwasher, the accessories should be used as quickly as possible.

    Basics of bottle and nipple sterilization

    Nowadays, sterilization is gaining popularity in a device designed for this or in a microwave oven. But there are such cases when it is not possible to use a special device. The way out of such situations is sterilization in cool or boiled water.

    Steam sterilizers

    Electric steam sterilizers are highly efficient and fast-acting. The duration of sterilization is about 10 minutes, but you still have to wait until all items have cooled. Using such sterilizers, do not forget that not all accessories for feeding children can be boiled (for example, not all parts of the breast pumps succumb to boiling). In order to sterilize bottles well, it is necessary to put them with a hole down.

    In addition, you can buy a special sterilizer for microwave. But it must be remembered that it is strictly forbidden to place metal objects into it! These devices perform their task for 6-7 minutes and plus the time to cool.

    Such devices need to be very carefully opened, because you can burn yourself with steam. Their main advantage is the complete absence of taste and odors after processing. If the feeding accessories are kept under a lid, they remain sterile for 3 hours.


    The next method of sterilization is boiling. In order to boil baby bottles, soothers and nipples at home, you need to allocate for them a separate pan, which will no longer be used for other purposes. Feeding supplies are recommended to boil for about 10 minutes. Do not forget that after this treatment, the nipples deteriorate - over time they become sticky and unsuitable.

    Microwave Sterilization Bottles

    The main innovation is the bottle, which can be sterilized in a microwave oven without the use of any additional funds.To handle one bottle is enough for 2 minutes. Before placing the bottle in the microwave, it is not necessary to close it, because when heated, the pressure inside the bottle increases.

    Cold water sterilization

    Using this method, feeding supplies should be sterilized in a non-toxic solution, which can be obtained by diluting special tablets in cold water. Such a solution perfectly kills bacteria and is completely safe to use.

    It is harmless when swallowing and does not cause skin irritation. To sterilize accessories in cold water, it is recommended to buy a special container, or you can use containers with a lid that lie in your home. In order to completely immerse the accessories in the solution, press them with something heavy. For better results, make sure that no bubbles appear inside the bottle.

    Thanks to such sterilization, the accessories become sterile after half an hour, and can be kept in solution for about 24 hours. This solution needs to be changed every day. Wash your hands well before removing all accessories.After the sterilization process, rinse the bottles with boiling water. Immediately after removing the bottles from the solution, proceed to the preparation of the mixture.

    How long do I need to sterilize feeding supplies?

    Bottles and other accessories must be sterilized until the child is one year old. Perhaps, it seems to you that there is no sense in sterilizing bottles, because the child constantly takes everything in his mouth.

    But do not forget that the children's body at the age of half a year to 1 year, is still very susceptible to infections. When a child is one year old, his immunity can already produce his antibodies and fight microbes with high activity.

    Now you know what to sterilize baby bottles for and how to do it. Easy upbringing and healthy kids!

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