• Are there cooking schools in Moscow or the region?

    There are 2 answers
    Answered on November 29, 2014 15:42
    Of course I have! Many very much) you look right on the net. Be sure to find the addresses. only they are all paid. And not the fact that you get to a good master. I went to the master classes of Italian cuisine. They cost from 5 thousand rubles. Everything is good there, according to the clever))) Well, just look at the master class, like what the cook does. He, of course, explains everything, you can ask questions. And then also try. It takes about 4 hours. a few people. More than six people for one master class are not allowed. It is necessary to register in advance. I was also advised to the culinary school "Deli". But I have not been there yet. I can't say anything.

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