• Aquarium Service

    In our beauty salon there is a large aquarium with fish. Recently, they began to notice that the water is becoming increasingly muddy, they decided it was time to clean the aquarium. Who can tell companies in Moscow involved in the maintenance of aquariums.
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    Answered 20 January 01:53
    We also have an aquarium with fish in the children's center. But from time to time we ourselves are engaged in cleaning the aquarium - we drain it, we wash all the pebbles, if possible we buy new algae. It's a bit troublesome, but the kids really like it.
    Answered on January 20 01:58
    It seems to me that it is quite even unsafe to clean your own aquariums, especially for its inhabitants - fish. It is necessary to maintain the quality of water according to chemical composition, to control the filtration system.
    Answered on January 20 02:03
    In our gastronomic supermarket in the fish department, we plan to put a large aquarium for live fish. Of course, we want to choose that, along with the purchase of an aquarium, the company provides its service.Here, for example, in this company there is maintenance of aquariums in Moscow. We want to buy an aquarium from them, perhaps this option will suit you.

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