• Angelina Vovk: “Prince Charles liked me when he was not married”

    On September 16, Aunt Lina, familiar to everyone from childhood, from “Good night, kids!” Celebrates her birthday. Angelina Mikhailovna is an unrecoverable optimist, and this despite serious illnesses, separation from her husbands and injustice at work.

    I do not want to become a decrepit creature

    - During the Great Patriotic War, my father was a pilot, his Guards regiment was located in Vnukovo. But in October 1944, trouble struck: his plane went missing. And the three of us remained - mother, grandmother and me. They waited a long time, everyone hoped that he would return, but this did not happen.

    In 1953, my mother married an officer. We lived in a military town, and we had a small area. Grandmother planted vegetables on it, potatoes. Times are hungry. And I helped her, was a hardworking girl. The floors in the house are wooden, so I scraped them with a knife so that the whites were. I cleaned and placed flowers everywhere - we lived almost in the forest.Always wanted to please my mother.

    I still work a lot. In addition, swimming in the pool, doing Nordic walking. In short, I do not want to turn into a decrepit creature.

    Angelina Vovk
    Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

    Like Prince Charles

    - My first husband, Gennady Chertov, is an actor, an announcer of Central Television. We studied together with him at GITIS. After graduating from the institute, I rushed to the stage, but Gennady said to me: “The theater needs claws, teeth and elbows. And you have nothing of that! ”And when in 1968 she crossed the threshold of the television center on Shabolovka, she forgot about the theater and the cinema. I fell in love with television. I liked everything. She conducted a variety of programs, mostly, as we said, “unwatchable,” since they were broadcast only during the day. She led concerts of classical music, children's programs, read a lot behind the scenes.

    In the late 70s, the English press became interested in me. I was not allowed to meet with journalists. We communicated through third parties: they give me questions, and I give them answers. Once the head of the announcer’s department called and said that the British are coming, they want to meet with me, in the morning I have to be at Ostankino.The circumstances were such that she could not come, Tanya Vedeneyeva went instead of me. Some time later, one knowledgeable man said that Prince Charles liked me. Then he was not married yet. So the princess didn't work out of me.

    All waiting for a cool thank you

    Aunt Lina with her favorite characters “Good night, kids!”
    Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

    - In the early 1990s, chaos reigned in the country. Transfer “Good night, kids!” Closed, there was no money for production. But fate brought me to the young bankers who had little children. I told about this problem, and they gave money. But for some reason they did not invite me into the program, offered to pay for participation! The festival “Song of the Year” during the crisis, I also defended. The management of one large company has allocated millions of rubles. I gave them all to Igor Krutoy. And when I told about this in the press, for some reason he became terribly angry. This is instead of gratitude. And I'm still waiting for him to call, thank and offer his help.

    I'm afraid to die before the beasts

    With her first husband, Gennady Chertov
    Photo: Angelina Vovk personal archive

    - Yes, life is a test, and we must all stand up.So many times was on the verge of life and death. For the first time, doctors even suggested to her husband that those who want to say goodbye to me would come while I was still alive. Gennady was near and day and night, and I was saved. Valentina Mikhailovna Leontyeva also took part in this, the kingdom of her heavenly. The next time again, a serious operation ... In those years, I was friends with Philip Kirkorov and Masha Rasputina, they came to my hospital and supported me in every way. May God grant them happiness and health. The Lord does not leave me and sends wonderful people in difficult moments. I pray for them and do not forget. But you know what I'm afraid of? To die before my beasts! They will be thrown into the street, but I'm sorry. I have four cats and a dog.

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