• Alternative way to grow tomato seedlings without land

    Do you know that you can get seedlings without planting seeds in the ground? Of course, a full-fledged plant will not survive without soil, however, while we are talking only about the first stage - the seedlings. Why mess around in the ground, plant seeds in cups, if you can resort to this not dusty and easy way?

    So, for the work you need only regular toilet paper and seeds of culture. Do not be surprised, this method really works!

    Expand the paper, fold it in two layers. Put tomato seeds on the surface, distance - 2 cm from each other. Toilet paper is quite wide, so plant the seeds themselves also no more than 2 cm from the edge of the paper - then it will be easier for the plant to get out.

    The result is a peculiar row of seeds laid out on paper. The next stage is the most important. Gently, without excessive pressure, roll the paper into a tube so that all the seeds are hidden in the paper.The received tubule should be carefully tied up with a thread or elastic, but do not tighten too much!

    Then the received tube is placed in an empty cup, which is filled with warm water. Toilet paper subsequently absorbs it into itself, becoming a kind of shelter for the seeds.

    After that, it remains only to put a glass with a tube in a warm place and wait for the shoots. As soon as you see small plants on the surface, stop wetting the paper. The plant should grow about 5 mm above the paper tube. Carefully unfold the plant, remove the dry paper. Little sprout ready for planting! You can transplant it into a glass with soil, in order to subsequently land in the garden.

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