• All the best at once: Kirsten Dunst is pregnant and gets married

    Relationship actress with a colleague in the shop 29-year-old Jesse Plemons, it seems, still end up with a wedding.

    The star of "Melancholy" von Trier has repeatedly admitted in an interview that she dreams of starting a family, having children. When Kirsten turned 32, she was sure: this is the best age to give birth. But then she did not work. Relations with then-boyfriend Garrett Hendlund were stumped, and the couple broke up.

    Just a year and a half ago, the actress began a new romance. And also with a colleague: Kirsten began to meet with partner on the TV series "Fargo" Jesse Plemons. He then confessed that he was in love with a beautiful blonde in absentia, even before they met on the set. And then they had to spend a lot of time together: in the series, they played a married couple. In general, even the age difference of young people did not bother: Jesse is five years younger than her darling.

    Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons
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    At the beginning of the year it became known that the actors got engaged. And the other day rumors were leaking to the press that Kirsten, 35, was pregnant! It seems that she really finally met "her" person with whom she is ready to have children.

    “I saw how they communicate with each other,” Zach Guilford, Jessi’s partner on one of the shows, was told to the publication, and he was lucky to be invited to the wedding. - Looking at them, you know for sure: they are made for each other. This is the case when one is an improved version of the other. ”

    Moreover, the couple has matured before the wedding: they say that the celebration is scheduled for next spring. Most likely, there will not be a magnificent holiday: Kirsten always said that such an event is too intimate to throw a feast to the whole world. The best option is a party with a DJ, friends and relatives.

    “I will pretend that this is my 40th birthday,” the actress laughed.

    At the same time, fans are discussing the pregnancy of another star - Katie Holmes. Fans of the ex-wife Tom Cruise are sure: the actress is expecting a baby from Jamie Fox. Relationship actors began four years ago, just a year after the divorce of Katie. But so far there has not been a single official confirmation of this: the paparazzi once caught the 50-year-old Fox and the 38-year-old Holmes walking together.At first there was talk that the whole thing was in the contract that the actress signed during her divorce from Cruise: she was not supposed to advertise her novels in public for five years. But now it’s more like the whole thing is in Fox’s secrecy.

    “Katie is ready to publicly admit that she has a new relationship, but Jamie is trying to keep everything secret. It disappoints her, ”admitted the source of the portal.

    Katie Holmes and Jamie Fox
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    Katie Holmes and Jamie Fox
    Photo: GettyImages

    Even at the party on December 4th, where both were invited, the actors appeared separately. Jamie first arrived, Katie arrived ten minutes later. They met in the hall and talked for about ten minutes. But no one listened to what they were talking about. Everyone looked at Katie. The actress for the party chose a tight dress. Satin fabric emphasized what Katie probably didn’t want to give out: the star's belly was not flat. Now fans are sure: their idol is waiting for a child.

    “Katie is proud of her relationship with Jamie. So it is quite logical that they will finally ripen to common children, ”the insider added.

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