• All the secrets of manicure with shellac gel

    Each woman dreams of beautiful and well-groomed nails, but not everyone can cope with such a task. Many women complain of thin and brittle nails, which grow and give a beautiful shape, which does not work, and you want it so much!

    When acrylic or gel nails came into vogue, they created a real sensation and an explosion in the neil industry, the fair sex finally got what they wanted: long, well-groomed nails that could be given any shape and color. In addition, they were strong enough to wear them for several weeks or even a month without additional correction.

    Bright and beautiful

    But the era of accrued nails gradually passes, which is to say: they are not always comfortable in everyday life, and their own nail plate under artificial materials deteriorates, as a result, after several such procedures, their nails look much worse than before the extension. But what to do next?

    Regular lacquer, although not as harmful as acrylic or gel, keeps a little and bad, after three days you need to redo the manicure, because the edges peel off and crack very quickly.

    But you want so much the original and well-groomed nails, and so that this beauty lasts, as long as possible, longer! It turns out that there is a solution - the use of a special innovative means, shellac.

    Professionals in the beauty sphere have been working for a long time to create a tool that will create a beautiful, bright and, most importantly, lasting manicure. And the decision was found just a few years ago - a mixture of lacquer and gel, shellac, today is one of the most popular nail procedures, well-pressed, loved by many, building up.

    Natural nails

    You probably wondered how to make a manicure using shellac coating, because this is truly an amazing tool that allows you to forget about your nails for at least two or three weeks!

    During the procedure, you will not have to build up your nails, shellac is covered with your native marigolds, which will not only play with new colors, but will also strengthen well with the coating itself.

    It is no wonder why the popularity of such a way of nail care has soared to unprecedented heights, because in one session a woman gets not only a strong and beautiful manicure,but also covers their native marigold with an agent that strengthens them well!

    Thanks to the mixture of varnish and gel in its composition, shellac covers your native nail plate with a thin rubber layer, which softens the blows and makes the nail more elastic, flexible and strong.

    Plus, such a procedure in the salon will be much cheaper than building the same acrylic nails, besides, such a manicure looks much more natural and more natural, which is very popular and relevant today.

    The process of applying shellac

    Rich color palette

    The technique of applying shellac is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, therefore, if you want to get a really high-quality manicure, then it’s better to turn to a professional master. No, of course, it is possible to cover nails with shellac at home, but this will require a whole list of tools and materials. This will include:

    • Means for dehydration, the so-called disinfector, which is necessary for better adhesion of the nail plate and gel polish.
    • UV lamp for curing - without it, the shellac simply won't dry.
    • A special tool for the base coat, in appearance it resembles a very durable and strong varnish, which also has healing properties.
    • Orange sticks.
    • Nail polish remover, alcohol, cotton sponges.
    • Shellac for the main coating (colored lacquer).
    • Means for fixing manicure.

    For the price, a set of such materials will cost you, of course, not cheap, although, on the other hand, if you learn how to apply shellac yourself, then acquiring such a set and doing it yourself will help you save a considerable amount of money.

    These are the kids

    By the way, it is very simple to remove such a coating: for this purpose there is a special tool, it is absolutely not necessary to cut anything, as it was with the extension. You need to buy materials from one company, they interact better with each other, which means that the coating will stay better and longer. Where can I buy? The easiest way to do this in specialized stores or order on the open spaces of online stores.

    How to apply shellac? Instructions for use

    You can make such a design

    You, for certain, met a photo of a beautiful manicure and would like to repeat the same beauty on your own marigolds, with the help of shellac, this is real! It is represented by a huge color palette, which means you can choose for yourself exactly the design that is most like it.So, the procedure is performed in several stages, one after the other:

    • To start the nails, as in any other manicure, you need to pre-process - get rid of the regrown cuticle, file and shape the nail plate.
    • The next stage is grinding. It is carried out using a special grinder or an ordinary soft polishing file. Through this effect, the villi are formed, which contribute to better adhesion of the nail surface and shellac.
    • Further, all nail plates need to be treated with an antibacterial agent, which defats it and allows the varnish to cover the nails evenly.
    • The base coat is applied in one thin layer using a special technique.
    • Each finger must be held under the UV lamp for 25 seconds so that the shellac is fixed and hardened.
    • The next stage is the application of a special color coating technique.
    • Re-drying under a UV lamp.
    • Application of the last fixing layer of varnish, repeated drying.
    • At the end, the excess varnish around the nails is removed, and a sticky layer is removed from the surface of the plates using cotton sponge and alcohol, which was formed as a result of applying shellac.
    • Oil is applied to the cuticle.

    This method of coating nails has a considerable number of advantages:

    Good for short nails

    • Due to the fact that it not bad strengthens brittle and weak nails, with its help you can grow your own, long and natural.
    • The huge color palette allows you to choose any version you like for any image and style.
    • Shellac lasts a long time, unlike the usual varnish, about 2-3 weeks, he is not afraid of homework, water and cooking, while it does not dim and does not lose its luster.
    • The coating is removed easily and quickly, it is enough to buy a special tool for removal.

    Along with all the advantages, there are some drawbacks, though there are not many of them:

    • A huge amount of materials complicates the procedure, so it is rarely done independently, often turning to masters. Constantly visiting the salon is not always convenient, because it takes time and money.
    • The product used to remove shellac can cause an allergic reaction to the fingers.
    • Shellac may not be suitable for everyone: sometimes, due to the features of the nail plate, the coating does not hold for a long time, and after 2-3 days it may begin to crawl, but this phenomenon is extremely rare.
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