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    All summer, suffocating from the heat and it was not possible to put air conditioning. Finally, now we can afford to buy and install it. Tell me who provides similar services in Moscow and that would not be expensive.
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    And what's the difference when to put it? Will be next summer. So, while there is an opportunity, put and do not hesitate. And there are a lot of masters who install such equipment now.
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    And what is the actual problem. You can buy air conditioning in any hardware store, and you can install it yourself. Our husband set himself.
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    I completely agree with the previous author. Nowadays there is no shortage of anything. You can buy anything, there would be money. Here, for example, a good choice of air conditioners, as for me, you can see here. And if I'm not mistaken, they also provide installation service. Take an interest.
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    Look on the internet and compare prices.

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