• How long does the beer erode?

    December 3, 2012
    How long does the beer erode?

    Beer is one of the most popular low alcohol drinks in our country. Beer is especially popular among young people because of its low price. Having drunk only one can or a bottle of beer, you can easily determine by smell whether a person drank. Eliminating the smell, you still can not promptly remove alcohol from the body. The time interval after which the beer erodes depends on the weight, sex, age of the person and the amount of alcohol consumed.

    Allowable blood alcohol content is 0.3 ppm. This number was taken from the calculation of the fact that a person in everyday life consumes products such as kefir or kvass or any drugs containing a small amount of alcohol. In practice, only a special device can determine how much alcohol enters the bloodstream after one bottle of beer. Even with the device, there is no guarantee that in 100% of cases the indicator will be 0.3% due to the fact that each device has its own error.

    The average alcohol processing rate for men is 0.1-0.25 ppm / hour, and for women - 0.08-0.15 ppm / hour. In addition, the speed depends on the complexion and the individual characteristics of the organism. Finding out how much a liter of beer erodes is rather difficult on its own, but on average it should take from five to nine hours.

    Alcohol affects people individually, for someone even a small dose is fraught with deviation from normal behavior. The presence of alcohol in the blood provokes a decrease in concentration, an erroneous perception of the distance to objects, their speed of movement, the reaction to a change in the color of a traffic light, and ambient lighting is disturbed. Immediately get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol - it means to endanger themselves and others.

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