• Advise a good deodorant from excessive sweating.

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    Answered on November 24, 2014 13:28
    In general, with constant excessive sweating, it is better to consult a doctor, maybe it is from various diseases. A specialist will prescribe a treatment for you. And you can also buy the drug formidron in a pharmacy, it eliminates sweat better than any deodorant. The only can not be used for inflammation and irritation of the skin. It is applied, it is simply rubbed into the sweating zone once a day, preferably in the morning after a shower, only it is not necessary to rub it strongly into the skin. Deodorants better pick solid. You can also sprinkle a little baby powder before using deodorant.)
    Answered on November 24, 2014 13:40
    And I use No Sweat deodorant (now it is called something different). Very good, after a week of use the skin is completely dry! It can only be smeared for the night, sometimes it can tingle, then it is better to wash it off and not use it for several days. I think the pharmacy has such deodorants, maybe the pharmacist will advise.

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