• Advantages and disadvantages of traveling alone

    If you want to go on a journey in proud solitude, then first find out all the pitfalls and weigh the pros and cons.

    Who is this trip for?

    Who will travel alone? First of all, introverts who used to keep everything in themselves and never share their emotions with someone else. Also unsatisfied people will remain satisfied, who are quickly bored by the society of any interlocutor.

    Where to go?

    In principle, you can go in proud loneliness in almost every corner of the world, but there are places where you definitely want to be alone with yourself. Here are some of them:

    • Switzerland. Here you can simply enjoy the stunning views. Silently.
    • New Zealand. In this country, the chic nature: mountains, forests, glaciers and so on. Fans of extreme rest will also be satisfied.
    • Norway, which is famous for its beautiful fjords, will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of beauty.Be sure to ride along the coast on the boat and see the northern lights.
    • Vietnam. The inhabitants of this country are good-natured and hospitable, the cities are beautiful and colorful, and in the markets you can buy anything you want. In addition, here you can enjoy more and beach holidays. And what else is needed for happiness?
    • Austria. Best to go to Vienna, this city is one of the most popular among single travelers. Why? Because there definitely will be a lot of entertainment options. Visit museums, cafes and concert halls, go to one of the cleanest lakes.
    • Malaysia will delight lovers of exotic travel. This is a country with many unknown parties.
    • Indonesia, Bali. Here you can relax both physically and emotionally. And here you can meet interesting people from all over the world.
    • Peru is an incredible, mysterious and mysterious country.
    • Australia. Here you will feel real freedom and appreciate the friendliness of the locals.
    • Chile is another place in which it is pleasant and interesting to dive into one's own thoughts.

    Pros and cons

    If you are planning a trip alone, then to begin with, learn all of its pluses:

    1. His own master.You can wake up and fall asleep at any time, do any business, go to any place, plan everything yourself and, in general, do whatever you want. You do not have to adapt to their companions.
    2. Traveling alone can help you understand your thoughts and feelings. You will be able to understand what is really important to you, what you want, who is dear to you. After such trips, some people rethink and completely change their lives.
    3. This is a great experience. You can learn a lot about yourself, about the country and its inhabitants and then happy to tell your friends or children about this adventure.
    4. You can enjoy new impressions and your emotions to the full, because you can only feel them alone with yourself.
    5. You will get the opportunity to communicate with new people and make lots of interesting acquaintances. Usually traveling with a fellow traveler does not succeed.
    6. Such a journey will harden you. You can overcome your fears and discover new, previously unknown qualities.
    7. A trip can be spontaneous if you embody all your ideas, even the most courageous ones. To do this alone is much easier than with a satellite.

    Now the cons:

    1. You will have no one to share your emotions. Although some of these needs simply do not arise.
    2. You may become bored, especially if you are a very sociable person.
    3. If in everyday life you are constantly surrounded by people and communicate a lot (even forcedly), then on a trip alone you may feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable.
    4. It may be dangerous. Single travelers are much more likely to become victims of crime than those who go on trips with fellow travelers.
    5. It's very expensive. Number for one person is more expensive than for two or more.
    6. The risk of getting lost is increasing.
    7. It can be difficult. There may be difficulties with the language, with finding the right places and so on. And when traveling with a fellow traveler, there is always another head that will definitely not be superfluous in controversial situations.
    8. Such travel scares many. And this is really scary, because you will find yourself alone in a completely unfamiliar place without the support and a loved one.
    9. You will have no one to photograph, especially in deserted places against the backdrop of nature.

    How interesting and useful to spend time?

    How to entertain yourself in travel? Here are some interesting ways:

    1. Go to some cafe and try to get acquainted with a local resident. He will probably tell you about several interesting places that are not popular among tourists, but deserve attention.
    2. Visit an event that takes place in the city. And let it be completely unfamiliar and uninteresting for you to race, but you can see the emotions of the locals, but it can be very interesting.
    3. Go around all the museums of the city. Surely you will find something interesting.
    4. You can simply watch the locals, it is also very exciting.
    5. Stay not in a hotel or a hotel, but in one of the hostels. In them in the same room lodge several people, so you can find a companion, at least for the evening. And in the common recreation area you can chat with several new people at once.
    6. Take some interesting book with you.
    7. On top of that, there will be a laptop or a tablet.

    Helpful Tips

    To rest not only gave a lot of new impressions, but also was safe, follow some simple rules:

    • If you are in another country, you will definitely find out where the consulate is, as well as the police stations nearest the hotel or hotel.
    • In advance, find out the most dangerous places, which you should not visit, especially alone.
    • In order not to get lost, use navigation software for smartphones or specialized gadgets, namely the navigator. Also find out the number of the hotel where you stayed, the consulates and embassies of your country.
    • Plan your trip in advance and make a route in order to have time to look as much as possible and not get lost in an unfamiliar place.
    • Do not take a lot of things with you to travel light.
    • Be sure to warn relatives and friends that you are leaving. Inform them of your place of stay.
    • Purchase a card and learn how to use it.
    • Be friendly not to run into conflict.
    • Be sure to study the mentality of local residents, so as not to offend them by chance.
    • If you are planning to travel abroad, then it is better to go to a country whose language you know.
    • Be sure to take a dictionary with you!
    • If you are not ready for such a trip, then do not go into it.
    • Keep money and documents in secret pockets and constantly check them.

    It remains only to wish an unforgettable journey and the most vivid emotions.

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