• Advantages and disadvantages of rest in Zanzibar

    If you dream of a trip to warm countries, then go to the island of Zanzibar! There is not only warm, but also very interesting!

    What is it where is it?

    Zanzibar is a large island from the eponymous archipelago, which is located in the Indian Ocean and belongs to Tanzania. From the African continent, the territory is separated by the Zanzibar Strait. The most populous and largest city has the same name and is located in the west. The area of ​​the island is about 1.5 thousand square kilometers. About 900 thousand people live in Zanzibar.

    The territory of the island is divided into three areas: Central-South, West and North. Each has two districts, and there are six of them: Kaskazini A and B, Kusini, Mzhini, Magaribi, Katya.

    Interesting fact: in Swahili, the name of the island sounds like “Unguja”.


    Zanzibar is hot all year round, because the island is located near the equator. But since it is located on the other side of it, the seasons are diametrically opposed, that is, when we have winter, in Zanzibar summer. In summer there is about 27-28 degrees, and in winter about 30-33 degrees.The water around the coastline is always warm and it warms all year round to 26-28 degrees, so you can swim in any season.

    There is a rainy season on the island, which lasts from the beginning of October to November and from the middle of spring to May. But precipitations can be both constant and abundant, and periodic and scanty, and yet it is better not to risk and fly to Zanzibar in summer or winter, although at this time there is a real influx of tourists.

    How to get to the island?

    There are no direct flights to Zanzibar, so in any case you will have to make a transfer. So, first you can fly to the UAE, namely Dubai, and then make a flight to the capital of Tanzania, which is Dar es Salaam. And already from there, tourists in small airplanes, corncobblers fly to the island, and the road will take no more than fifteen or twenty minutes.

    Resort areas and beaches

    The most popular resorts and cities among tourists are:

    • The capital and heart of Zanzibar is Stone Town, and it is considered to be the most impressive and amazing place of the island. The city is dotted with streets and numerous bazaars, fortresses, houses, mosques and courtyards. There are also palaces, mansions, cathedrals and many, many beautiful and interesting.
    • A popular resort is the place Kendwa, and in this area a slight ebb, in contrast to some other areas. There are a lot of hotels, but there are no crowds of people. The place is suitable for families with children.
    • Nungwi is famous for its beaches of incredible beauty. There are many tourists here, which is why hotel rooms are the most expensive. At this resort infrastructure is well developed, so there is everything that is required for a comfortable life.
    • Zanzibar - the city of the same name.
    • Mangapwani is a town with the same beach and numerous caves.

    As for the beaches, almost all of them are clean and beautiful, but in the capital there is a port area, and therefore the coast is not very suitable for swimming and relaxing. But to relax and enjoy the white sand and gentle, clear and warm ocean can be on other beaches. So, Chuini and Fuzi offer a full range of water sports and have active recreation.

    If you like a relaxing and secluded holiday, then go to Mangapwani. A real paradise for divers is the beaches of Uroa, Matenve, Kivenga: in these places there is a rich and stunning underwater world.In the southeast there are Jambiani, Breuu and Pingwe, and here you can not just sunbathe and swim, but go fishing or watch the fishermen.

    What is interesting on the island?

    What to see, having come to rest on Zanzibar? Attention deserve such attractions as:

    • Not far from Stone Town in the ocean is Turtle Island, where you can see and feed the giant long-livers turtles.
    • The old part of the capital of the island is called the Stone City, and this place is on the World Heritage List. Here you can see the masterpieces of architecture of different nationalities and eras.
    • House of Wonders in the capital, which used to be the palace of the Sultans.
    • Dedicated to the most tragic stage of the history of the island Area of ​​the slave trade.
    • There are many fortresses on the territory of Zanzibar, and the most popular are the English Fort and the Arab Fortress.
    • On the island there are tropical forests, and some of them are happy to go on a walk for tourists. Visit Jozani to see mangroves, huge ferns and palm trees. You can move along the small wooden bridges.
    • The majestic palace of Beit el-Ajaib, which was used for a long time as the residence of Queen Fatum.
    • Two kilometers from the city of Zanzibar you can find the ruins of the Marukhubi complex, which was once the most beautiful building on the island. Today, a small part of it is preserved.
    • Tourists will be impressed by the ruins of another palace, Mtoni.
    • In the town of Mangapvani there are Slave caves, in which slaves used to live, as well as the Coral Cave of amazing beauty.
    • The pride of the islanders are huge plantations of various spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves.
    • Protected area Menai Bay.

    How do tourists enjoy themselves?

    What to do on sunny and warm Zanzibar? Visitors are available entertainment for every taste:

    1. Embark on a so-called "spice tour", that is, a tour of the spices. Not so long ago, most of the seasonings were supplied by Zanzibar, therefore they know a lot about them.
    2. Take a look at the majestic Kilimanjaro volcano or go closer to it, going on a tour.
    3. Be sure to try the local exotic fruits and fresh ones. Everything is very fresh and incredibly tasty! But do not try to taste everything at once: your stomach can not stand it.
    4. Every visitor should get gastronomic pleasurehaving tasted the masterpieces of local cuisine. You will be delighted with the dishes from the freshest seafood, flavored with aromatic spices. Also appreciated is rice, which is an excellent side dish and is served with seafood. In many dishes there is coconut. Meat is also eaten and loved in Zanzibar. A lot of fruits grow here, and they are often used to prepare not only desserts, but also hot dishes.
    5. There are several museums in Zanzibar that will help you get to know the island better and learn a little about its history and life.
    6. It is possible and even necessary to do one of the water sports, because there is such a beautiful and stunning sea with almost clear warm water! You can dive, go fishing, try to curb the wave in the surf. And all this is available to any tourist, even a novice.
    7. You can simply stroll along the coast, enjoying the romantic atmosphere and stunning sunset or sunrise.
    8. Try to do shopping - go to the local market and buy traditional Zanzibar souvenirs: wooden figurines, leather or bone products, various textiles made by local craftsmen, beautiful ornaments and, of course, spices.

    If you have the opportunity, be sure to go to sunny Zanzibar and enjoy a great vacation on this island!

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