• Advantages and disadvantages of coral peeling

    Clean and healthy skin is a guarantee of attractiveness and self-confidence. To achieve an effective result, women actively use various types of cosmetic procedures, including peels, which make it possible to get rid of dead skin particles and return skin glow and attractiveness.

    Recently, a coral peeling procedure, unknown until recently, has appeared among the services of beauty salons and beauty parlors. It is positioned as a very gentle and gentle form of cleansing, not affecting the deep layers of the dermis.

    First you need to figure out what the essence of this method? Coral peeling is a combined, mechanical-chemical method of cleaning the skin, which is based on the effect on the skin of small particles of coral. The depth of penetration of the drug is governed by its quantity and time of exposure to the face.

    Cosmetologists actively advise this type of cleaning because of its naturalness,because the peeling contains coral chips, extracts of algae, herbs and various oils that have a beneficial effect on the skin.

    Healing effect: who needs the procedure?

    First of all, coral peeling is advised to apply to owners of sensitive skin, for which chemical peels can become traumatic. It is also suitable for those women who have allergic reactions to cosmetic products for face care. Cosmetologists advise this procedure to anyone who has reached the age of 35 and wants to solve a number of problems:

    • enlarged pores, acne;
    • rejuvenation of the skin of the face, hands and neck;
    • scars, acne marks, stretch marks;
    • hyperpigmentation due to hormonal changes or with age.

    Cleaning steps

    A positive result of such a beauty session is possible only if the beautician is a highly qualified specialist, and thoroughly knows how to do this type of cleaning. It consists of several stages:

    1. Preparation of the face for the procedure: treatment of the skin with an antiseptic soap, which has a peeling effect.
    2. Applying an exfoliant composition and rubbing it for 3-5 minutes.
    3. After the end of the procedure, to reduce painful sensations, wipes moistened in cold water and a special remedy are applied on the face, which “seals” the effect, preventing microbes from entering the cleaned areas and keeping the corals on the skin for a longer effect.

    The main plus is safety!

    Workers in the cosmetology industry agree that coral exfoliant is an excellent alternative to chemical means, because it has a number of advantages.

    1. Thanks to its natural ingredients, it not only gently cleanses the skin, but also has a pronounced antibacterial effect, which helps to eliminate the inflamed areas after the first procedure.
    2. The content of the sparing active components does not cause allergic reactions and strong reddening.
    3. Coral crumb perfectly polishes the upper layer of the dermis, smoothing its texture and cleansing the pores, and essential oils strengthen the capillaries.
    4. Salts soften the top layer of the skin, and herbs contribute to the regeneration process, helping to eliminate the vascular grid.

    Possible consequences

    As with any facial cleansing, peeling on the basis of coral chips also has its drawbacks, including:

    • severe peeling of the skin after the procedure;
    • discoloration of the face (in a day it will turn brownish).

    All this, of course, will pass, but may bring some discomfort. That is why the entry to the beautician should be done on Friday or the weekend, or even better - during the holidays.

    To refuse such sessions of beauty is necessary for those who have at least one of the listed contraindications:

    • inflammation of the dermis;
    • herpes;
    • demodex;
    • complex diseases of the cardiovascular system;
    • gestation period.

    Cleansing the skin from dead particles with coral chips has a really very lasting result. But it is worth remembering that it is not recommended to carry out this procedure at home, because not everyone is able to perform the features of its stages.

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